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Wdesk is a cohesive platform that combines documents, data, and people in new and powerful ways.


Read, review, comment, and stay up-to-date on tasks and notifications—with any device. Wdesk can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.


Confidential information is encrypted, encoded, and distributed among multiple physical and virtual servers around the world. We’ve earned the trust of over 2,500 customers.


Automatically scale usage as your team grows and never wait for a software update. The cloud provides you with better uptime, data redundancy, and fault tolerance.


Wdesk is easy to use and requires little training. You can be up and running in days with no on-premise installation or IT support.

Wdesk features, built for you.


The distribution and review process of business reports is manual and tedious. Modernize how your board reports, executive books, and other complex documents are reviewed, distributed, and analyzed. Maintain control and improve productivity from report consolidation to the final presentation.
Easy to use
Manage, build, and distribute electronic reports easily in our cloud-based system.
Linked data
All updates automatically flow across documents or presentations.
Secure reports
Confidential information is kept in a secure and organized environment.
Digital distribution
View reports on your tablet with offline access, commenting, and messaging.
Report creation
All contributors work in real time within the same document.
On-the-go review
Review documents on multiple devices, including iPad® and AndroidTM

Frequently asked questions.

Yes, with Wdesk you no longer need to email your material non-public information to colleagues as an attachment. You can send those you would like to collaborate with a link to get them started without ever losing control of your documents.
Wdesk supports a wide variety of form types. View a partial list here, or ask your sales representative for additional information.
Yes, Workiva encrypts all data before saving to disk.
Yes, Workiva offers professional services. For additional information, contact your Workiva sales representative or email sales@workiva.com.


  • Senior management really likes Wdesk Certification because it allows them to quickly access what they need to sign off on in less than 5 minutes.
  • Linking is my favorite feature because you put numbers into the workbook, and they automatically update throughout the entire document. I don’t have to worry about making a change one place and then copying and pasting numbers from one spreadsheet to the other.
  • With Wdesk we can be assured that there is consistency between the numbers.
  • You don’t have to worry about merging or keeping the document up-to-date because when you open it, you know it’s current.

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