We help you work smart.

Save time. Reduce risk. Make better decisions.

Connect data and context

Your data stays up-to-date in real time, with supporting attachments built in.

Accelerate process to decisions

Complex process? Leverage templates or start fresh with a flexible interface.

Integrate people and documents

Be confident your information is accurate with linked data.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Work simultaneously with your team and still control edits and permissions.

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SOX Compliance

Create a repository for all risk and control information and documentation.

SEC Reporting

Wdesk enables you to streamline XBRL and EDGAR filing.

Integrated Financial Planning

Modernize your integrated financial planning process with Wdesk.

Enterprise Risk Management

Streamline your entire ERM process with Wdesk.

The Wdesk Platform

Wdesk is a cohesive platform that combines documents, data, and people in new and powerful ways.

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Wdesk will change the way you work.

What makes Wdesk different is that all of the data inside the cloud platform—in spreadsheets, word processing documents, and presentation decks—are linked together. And every change by every user is recorded, which gives you a complete audit trail.

When you collaborate in the same cloud document, you save a lot of time.
When you trust your data from beginning to end, you reduce risk.
When you have peace of mind, you make better decisions.

When you use Wdesk, you work smart.

  • We had a Wdesk demonstration and saw that it was much more efficient and user-friendly than our previous software. It also solved a lot of the pain points that we were having.
  • The biggest advantage of Wdesk is time management. Our organization promotes a good work-life balance, and with Wdesk I can manage people and monitor testing work from wherever I am.
  • My favorite feature in Wdesk for SOX is track changes because I can see exactly who made a change, what the change is, and when it was made.
  • What sparked my interest in Wdesk was the fact that I could use it to replace our 600 spreadsheets. I have the ability to update a piece of data in one spot and have it flow through the entire SOX program.

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