Connect to on-premises and cloud applications, natively and bi-directionally.

Access the data you need, when you need it. Workiva connectors make pulling and refreshing data easy. Processes are automated, scheduled, and secure.

How it works

  • Connect

    Easily create connections to cloud and on-premise ERP, consolidation, budgeting and planning, and other financial and operational applications.

    connected data connections
  • Integrate

    Connect applications with point-and-click convenience. Build connectors that leverage existing system reports as data sources or build sophisticated connections from source system data tables.

    connected data build
  • Automate

    Run and monitor data integrations in either an on-demand or scheduled process.

    connected data execute
  • Approve

    Maintain control with an approval workflow to ensure data is approved before it is moved.

    connected data approve

Application connections


Directly import from Salesforce, NetSuite, and relational and export to corresponding targets. Execute actions and processes on schedule or from an Anaplan dashboard.


Perform data imports and exports to support native and bi-directional exchange of data from a variety of source and target systems.

Host Analytics®

Take advantage of native integration with Host Analytics to manage application tasks and bi-directionally load and export data and segment metadata.


Integrate Oracle NetSuite ERP and financial data into any target as well as direct Anaplan to NetSuite integration.

Oracle® Essbase

Leverage native and bi-directional Oracle Essbase connectivity, and intelligent application specific automation functionality.

Oracle® HFM

Use a suite of functions for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) to manage application data, end-user access, and load and export application data.


Rely on high-throughput bi-directional data exchange with any source or target combined with helpful administrative functions to manage objects and check on daily API limits.


Perform SAP HANA database operations across other applications to tightly and bi-directionally integrate data stored in SAP HANA with other apps.


Securely execute native Workday custom reports and dynamically refresh Workday import templates for standardized reporting.

Standard connections

Amazon Redshift

Support Amazon Redshift to query and insert data, along with an open capability to run relational commands.

Amazon S3

Interact with the AWS S3 service that includes upload, download, and manage files, manage buckets, lists objects, and pre-sign object URLs.


Connect to FTP and FTPS server and easily download, upload, copy, move, and list files on an FTP(S) server.

File Utilities

Utilize automation commands to remotely manage, control, and compress files and folders on Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems.

IBM® Db2

Perform Db2 database operations across other applications to tightly and bi-directionally integrate data stored in Db2 with other apps.

Microsoft® Power BI

Leverage Power BI connectivity including exporting/importing data and managing the various objects that make up your Power BI deployment.

Microsoft® SQL Server

Perform relational operations across other applications to tightly and bi-directionally integrate relational systems with other applications.


Perform MySQL database operations across other applications to tightly and bi-directionally integrate data stored in MySQL with other apps.

Oracle® ADW | RDBMS

Perform Oracle ADW | RDBMS database operations across other applications to tightly and bi-directionally integrate data stored in Oracle ADW | RDBMS with other apps.

Rest API

Interact with any system with a standard web services interface. This capability enables Workiva to handshake with virtually any system with a published REST API.

Run Scripts

Remotely execute batch operations and executables to extend and customize the Workiva automation capabilities.


Securely transfer and manage files and folders on remote SFTP and FTPS servers.

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  • Now, we have time to actually look at the data rather than continue to fight with our system.

  • The fundamental problem that Workiva seeks to solve is availability of data in the right place at the right time.

  • Having peace of mind in terms of the accuracy of the data is extremely powerful.

  • If you're able to spend less time mining data and more time analyzing, there's more value in the work that you're doing.

Solution Spotlight

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Deliver financial and nonfinancial data in reports, presentations, and dashboards for decision making.

SEC Reporting

Trust the market leader in SEC reporting for your XBRL, iXBRL, and EDGAR filings.

Financial Reporting

Transform your financial reporting and close processes with Workiva.

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