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Data capture

  • Upload data via .csv and Wdesk Spreadsheets, or automate .csv loads via API
  • Ensure multiple date formats are supported for global organisations
  • Ignore unused columns
  • Map columns on upload in case header naming conventions have changed
  • Add additional connectors (JSON, XML) and data sources (SQL, FTP)
Wdata Features Data Capture

Data management

  • Store dimension and data tables from multiple data sources
  • Easily add and remove datasets from tables
  • Preview datasets in app
  • Rename column headers
  • Search and sort stored tables and reports
Wdata data management

Data tags

  • Create and manage custom tags
  • Tag datasets during upload, or automatically add tags on load via the API
  • Add attributes to enrich datasets and provide additional insight during data preparation
Wdata Features Data Tags

Report creation

  • Simplify report development with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder
  • Utilise SQL command support for complex queries
  • Create, store and manage picklists for filters
  • Join multiple datasets from disparate sources
  • Set dynamic filters as run-time prompts that are passed to Connected Sheets
Wdata features report creation

Connected Sheets

  • Connect saved reports into Wdesk and easily distribute to stakeholders
  • Leverage Connected Sheets to update data, utilising dynamic filters
  • Connect data in spreadsheets to documents and presentations to automate complex and composite reports
  • Allow finance teams to manipulate data in Connected Sheets without reliance on IT
Wdata Features Connected Sheets

Data governance

  • Restrict or grant access, leveraging permissions at the workspace level
  • Apply granular permissions to Connected Sheets, restricting usage down to the cell level
  • Enable admin-only user rights
  • Show all changes to datasets, creating a full audit trail
Wdata data governance

Data export

  • Download and export datasets
  • Bidirectional API allows for data connections to be established between systems
  • Display report results in app, and export to .csv or Wdesk Spreadsheets
  • Export and import entire workspace datasets, including tags, tables and reports
Wdata Features Data Export

Data consistency

  • Ensure reporting teams have visibility and collaboration with data in one ecosystem
  • Changes made to datasets automatically update across tables, presentations and reports
  • Drill down from final reports and presentations into the source dataset without leaving the platform
Wdata features data consistency

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