Connected, Automated Data

All the access, all the control. Connected data preparation for accounting and finance.

The power of connected data

Be the one with all the answers. Connect directly from source systems to reports with Wdata. Combine, enrich, explore, discover, and deliver valuable insights along the way.


Your most precious information all in one place—easily search, connect, and add context with Wdata.


Connected data is fully traceable and auditable, from source system to final report.


Provide access to those who need it, without losing control or transparency along the way.

Put connected data to work

For IT

Enable self-service data preparation and lead the charge in finance transformation, without sacrificing control and governance.

For Analysts

Unify and explore disparate datasets, conduct data transformations and leverage sophisticated tooling for more meaningful analysis.

For Reporting

Access connected data to ensure consistent and quality information for your existing reporting and compliance efforts.

  • I only have to add a figure once, and then I can use it in several places. And, I’m confident that the figures are correct throughout the document.

See it in action

Connect and simplify updates

  • Direct connections to ERPs, GLs and more
  • Connected docs, sheets and slides
  • Data assurance throughout reports and presentations

Drill down for more detail

  • Custom pivot builder
  • Reusable views of pivots and visualisations
  • Variance analysis research

View trends in your data

  • Historical views for trends over time
  • Multiple fields to get the full picture
  • Dynamic filters for fast updates and exploration

Pivot and drill through

  • Pivot builder allows for simple drag-and-drop interactions
  • Specify and create filters
  • Build tables and reports

Interactive charting

  • View information in a variety of charting forms
  • Analyse data visually
  • Drill through to get to the details

See what connected data can do for you