Statutory Reporting

Streamline your annual statutory process. Centralise your statutory financial documents and reports in a single, secure cloud platform.

  • Meet financial reporting requirements with greater efficiency

    Capture and consolidate data from multiple countries into a centralised platform to save time and resources. Data and narrative entered once is connected to all applicable reports, improving quality and visibility.

    Improve control and manage risk

    Cross-border and multiteam collaboration is easy in Wdesk. Monitor and restrict permissions by role, or open documents for simultaneous collaboration within teams.

    Set corporate standards for data capture and report format to ensure consistency across entities and reports. Map and link core financial reporting data across multiple jurisdictional financial statement requirements. Substantiate reports with a full audit trail for all data sources.

    Easily generate XBRL and iXBRL-compliant disclosures to meet specific corporate reporting requirements or mandates by country.

    Control and Oversight
  • Have confidence in your financial data

    Improve the process around consolidation across globally disparate entities. Speed the data aggregation, consolidation and preparation for multiple annual financial reports by creating a single-source data library for each entity.

    Transform reporting processes

    The Wdesk platform provides a flexible framework for reporting that can be easily tailored to suit your organisation’s specific reporting needs. Rapidly aggregate and consolidate data from one or more disparate ERP systems.

    Gain peace of mind and improve data accuracy throughout the accounts preparation process with workflow, tasking and built-in controls.

  • Shorten your tax reporting process

    Easily and accurately manage data for annual reports, transfer pricing and tax filings. Leverage structured and unstructured data, as well as common content to create an ecosystem of connected workpapers and reports.

    Collect and manage data

    See all tax provision results in a single location, and ensure consistency across documentation. Link data directly to transfer pricing documents without having to import and export to Excel®.

    A detailed audit trail shows all changes at each step of the transfer pricing accounting process. Corporate financial reporting data is easily aggregated for final output.

    tax reporting
  • Support for local jurisdictions and regional regulations

    Our experienced team is available to assist both UK and multinational businesses with reconciliation from IFRS, US GAAP and UK GAAP to local statutory GAAP.

    Support to meet your needs

    The quality of your statutory reporting data is critical, as is selecting the right service provider. Wdesk increases productivity, improves data accuracy and optimises the XBRL and Inline XBRL (iXBRL) filing process for more than 3,000 organisations around the world.

    Wdesk supports the accounting and technical standards required for European and global regulations (ESEF, CIPC XBRL Programme and more), including IFRS and local GAAPs, as well as all form types required by the SEC for foreign private issuers (FPIs).

    Global compliance

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