Solvency II

Improve data governance, transparency and mapping throughout your documentation and reporting.

  • Ensure confidence in data and reports

    The Wdesk cloud platform simplifies Solvency II reporting by empowering your team to deliver consistent and accurate narrative, charts and tables across documentation and reports.

    Ensure confidence in data and reports

    Data reliability

    With Wdesk, qualitative and quantitative information is aggregated and managed in one location. Numbers and narrative can be reused across reports—including ORSA, SFCR and RSR—providing confidence in accuracy throughout the reporting process. Supporting documentation and evidence can be attached and linked to the relevant report sections in context.
  • Accelerate report creation

    Wdesk makes collaboration simple and enables teams to work simultaneously in the same document or report.

    Accelerate report creation

    Stay connected

    The cloud-based Wdesk platform allows you to stay connected no matter where you are. Version control is never an issue, as contributors can easily create content, add comments and conduct reviews in a single active master document. Create permissions at group or individual business unit levels to control the level of visibility needed.
  • Provide visibility and transparency for stakeholders

    Wdesk provides a central and accessible system to manage holistic report creation across Solvency II pillars.

    Provide visibility and transparency for stakeholders

    Access a full audit trail

    Access the complete history of updates throughout the documentation process. Drill down to the cell level to see a history of all changes made.

    Single source of truth

    Wdesk serves as a single source for data consistency across regulatory reports and yields outputs in a variety of formats, including PDF, spreadsheet and document.
  • Simplify report generation and data governance

    Wdesk supports the creation and management of required reports and disclosures for internal, Pillar II, Pillar III or other regulatory purposes.

    Simplify report generation and data governance

    Manage data across sources and outputs

    Manage the complexity of large documents and ever-changing data points to optimize your Solvency II process. Wdesk makes it easy to connect and update data from a variety of systems. Import data directly from connected systems, and eliminate manual entry errors.

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