SEC Reporting

Link external reporting data across SEC filing documents in a single solution. Streamline your EDGAR and XBRL disclosure process.

  • Revolutionising the SEC filing industry

    Founded in 2008, Workiva revolutionised the financial reporting and regulatory filing process by introducing Wdesk—an agile cloud platform. Wdesk provides a single source of truth linking and audit control features, covers a wide variety of form types and supports both the IFRS Taxonomy and the US GAAP Taxonomy.

    Workiva is the SEC industry leader

    The smart way to file

    Over 70% of the Fortune 500 corporations by total revenue use Wdesk to solve business problems. We serve all industries, including banking and insurance, and have offices around the world.
  • XBRL data quality is more important than ever

    As consumption of data increases, investors and analysts will review your company through your XBRL filings. Even if your data is prepared by a third party on your behalf, you retain responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of your XBRL submission.

    Wdesk XBRL services

    The cutting edge of XBRL and iXBRL

    Workiva is the XBRL market leader. In fact, our customers accounted for more than 50% of XBRL facts filed with the SEC in the first half of 2016, and the first Inline XBRL filing was submitted through Wdesk. The Workiva professional services team has the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality XBRL tagging for your filings.

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  • Deliver reliable and accurate SEC disclosures

    The SEC ruling requiring XBRL has many foreign private issuers (FPIs) rushing to update process and technology. Workiva has you covered. Wdesk is the most widely used solution for SEC reporting. Leverage the best technology and most experienced services team to support your 10-K, 6-K and 20-F.

    SEC data collection

    Leading the way in XBRL for SEC and foreign filings

    Workiva is the SEC XBRL market leader. Our customers accounted for more than 50% of XBRL facts filed with the SEC in the first half of 2016.

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  • We actually use Wdesk for documents that we don't even file—like a big memo that needs to be written—because you have the ability to let multiple people in the document at the same time. We actually set that up in Wdesk—we just print it out and sign off as opposed to filing it.

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