SEC Reporting

Streamline report creation, enhance collaboration and simplify your filings.
  • The market leader in SEC reporting

    Foreign private issuers (FPIs) trust Workiva to increase productivity, improve data accuracy and optimise their SEC filing process.

    The smart way to file

    Reporting, compliance and legal teams can collaborate in real time on data and narrative. This ensures complete visibility and trusted data. Documentation, data aggregation and process workflow are easily tailored to fit your organisation's needs.

    Workiva supports preparation and filing for over 350 form types.

    The smart way to file

    Modernise your SEC reporting

    Workiva revolutionised the SEC filing process by introducing WebFilings® SEC Reporting in 2010—an agile, cloud software with extensive report collaboration and audit control features.

    Today, more than 3,300 companies trust Workiva to solve their most complex financial reporting challenges.

    Modernize your SEC reporting
  • Committed to XBRL and iXBRL data quality

    Trust Workiva for fast, accurate and reliable XBRL® and iXBRL® tagging. More SEC XBRL facts are filed through Wdesk than any other software platform.

    The cutting edge of XBRL and iXBRL

    Our dedicated experts offer the experience and best practices to deliver high-quality XBRL and iXBRL tagging, formatting and testing for all your SEC filings. Learn more about our XBRL offerings.

    Workiva brings you an unparalleled XBRL experience, as pioneers in helping companies file in XBRL and Inline XBRL® format. The first iXBRL filing with the SEC was submitted through the Workiva platform.

    Workiva provides more ‘34 Act filing services for publicly traded companies than the two largest financial printers combined.

    The cutting edge of XBRL and iXBRL

    XBRL and iXBRL service options tailored for you

    Our experienced team provides three iXBRL service options:

    1. Full service: Your dedicated iXBRL expert will tag, review and help you file your document
    2. Support as you need it: Pick and choose where you need assistance in your filings
    3. Do it yourself (DIY): Freedom to tag iXBRL your way, but leverage an iXBRL expert if you need assistance

    XBRL®, Inline XBRL®, and iXBRL® are trademarks of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The XBRLTM/® standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.

    XBRL service options tailored for you
  • Accuracy, efficiency and compliance

    Use Workiva solutions to mitigate risk, increase productivity and deliver the most reliable and accurate filings.

    Be confident in your numbers

    Changes made to linked financial and external reporting data and text instantly update across documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Wdesk. Shared data and narrative between your 20-F and annual reports can be linked to the same source, simplifying and ensuring data consistency.

    Version control and blackline comparisons to document revisions enable you to see what changed and when.

    Be confident in your numbers

    Drive efficiency and productivity

    Collect, organise, and manage data from ERP, operational and desktop systems. Secure content management enables your extended reporting team to edit, comment, and collaborate with a full audit history of changes.

    Built-in XBRL and EDGAR empower you to create, tag, validate and file reports without leaving the platform.

    Drive efficiency and productivity
  • Trusted content for multiple disclosures

    Cross-functional teams collaborate on financial data and documentation beyond traditional SEC filings. Easily collect, control and connect required outputs for multiple form types.

    Capital market transaction support

    Workiva supports the preparation and filing of capital transaction form types and reports, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPO), equity and debt offerings, proxy statements, Section 16 filings and investor relations materials, among others.

    Learn more about our solutions for capital market transactions.

    S1, S3, S4 and more

    Support for global compliance

    Workiva supports requirements for all required form types for FPIs. Our solution offerings also include compliance standards for European and global regulations, including the reporting requirements for US GAAP, IFRS, HMRC, CIPC and the approaching European Single Electronic Format (ESEF).

    Support for global filings
  • Simple and agile SOX compliance management built for teams

    Optimise your Sarbanes-Oxley compliance process. Reduce risk, increase control and enable insight across the business.

    Unmatched flexibility

    Designed for companies of all sizes, Workiva provides a flexible, intuitive solution for SOX and internal controls. Map controls to the frameworks your team uses, such as SOX, COSO, COBiT, ISO 27001, NIST and others.

    S1, S3, S4 and more

    Transparent compliance process

    Have confidence in vital information throughout the compliance process by linking data and narrative throughout reports, no matter how complex. Manage evidence requests and track responses and approvals across the enterprise with real-time dashboard capabilities.

    Support for global filings

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  • We actually use Workiva for documents that we don't even file—like a big memo that needs to be written—because you have the ability to let multiple people in the document at the same time. We actually set that up in the solution—we just print it out and sign off as opposed to filing it.

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