Internal Controls Management

Connect risk and control information across your enterprise. Achieve greater efficiency and transparency with Workiva.

  • Modernise your risk assessment process

    Increase transparency of information in a single scalable environment. Utilise Wdesk for risk assurance and commonly used global frameworks, including SOX, COSO and many others.

    EMEA Internal Controls Scoping and Planning

    Leverage a common framework for risk and controls

    • Add or update risks and controls without disrupting your process
    • Use integrated comments and workflow to communicate changes without email
    • Save time by collecting, aggregating and reporting on all risks in a single platform
  • Ensure accuracy across documentation

    Increase control and efficiency in your internal controls. Create a central repository of internal controls where documentation instantly updates as changes are made.

    EMEA Internal Controls Design

    Streamline internal control design

    • Build and interact with dynamic flowcharts
    • Track changes made to documents with a complete audit trail
    • Grant role-based permissions to process and control owners and audit teams down to the process or narrative level
    • Improve transparency across documentation and processes
  • Automate the certification process

    Meet deadlines and improve compliance. Establish a repeatable process that is efficient, timely and transparent.

    EMEA Internal Controls Collection and Testing

    Built-in sign-off and certification

    • Customise certifications to your company's workflow and deadlines
    • Personalise views for stakeholders to receive and validate controls and sign letters
    • Leverage letter templates, schedule reminders and increase process visibility with robust tracking
    • Empower signers and approvers to review, attach support and sign off from any device
  • Streamline collection and testing in a single platform

    Automate evidence collection and control testing. Manage supporting evidence requests, and track responses and approvals with a real-time dashboard.

    EMEA Internal Controls Evidence

    Optimise your testing workflow, and increase transparency

    • Optimise testing with random sampling via single or bulk tasks
    • Attach samples directly to testing sheets, annotate and communicate test findings
    • Simplify markup with drag-and-drop annotations
    • Monitor progress, and stay on schedule with time tracking
  • Create dynamic and informative reports and dashboards

    Risk intelligence at your fingertips. Improve transparency, and guarantee reporting accuracy to stakeholders across your organisation.

    EMEA Internal Controls Export and Reporting

    Deliver in-depth and real-time data

    • Easily create personalised and ad hoc reports
    • Drill down into supporting data for dashboards and reports
    • Track, report and remediate issues identified during testing

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Wdesk ensures the accuracy of your insurance data.
  • What sparked my interest in Wdesk was the fact that I could use it to replace our 600 spreadsheets. I have the ability to update a piece of data in one spot and have it flow through the entire SOX program.

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