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Update financial statements in one click.

Automate your cash flow statements, balance sheet, and income statements and say good-bye to manual work.

Thousands of organisations are transforming the way they work.


Simplify financial statement preparation.

Stop doing manual data entry. Tighten up the pace and process of financial reporting before internal and external stakeholders demand it of you.

Simplify data gathering

Automatically connect source systems and ledgers to a single spreadsheet with our financial statement software, so everyone with the right permissions can see the same up-to-date data.

Prepare data in a single platform

Clean, transform, summarise, and slice data from millions of spreadsheet rows instantly, so you can analyse data— not just compile it.

Move faster, breathe slower

Link data so you can automatically update numbers and text across all linked reports in seconds—and be home in time for dinner.

Challenger case study illustration at Workiva

Challenger saves a week in annual reporting process.

“At the busiest time of year for finance, that’s huge. This allows us to get our reports to our stakeholders in a more timely manner and allows teams to move onto business-planning activities.” - David Conley, Head of Reporting, Challenger Limited

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guide to financial automation with the Workiva platform

The Controller’s Guide to Finance Automation

Discover how to identify key areas of weakness throughout your financial reporting processes, and how and when these can be addressed using automation in accounting and finance to help your organization.

Discover the only platform that unifies financial reporting, ESG, audit, and risk.

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