Finance and Accounting

Wdesk reduces the need for manual work and shortens reporting cycles with real-time collaboration.
  • An efficient and repeatable process

    When it comes to reporting for accounting and finance, you need to react quickly to even the smallest changes. This process has traditionally been slow—waiting for close, exporting from the accounting system, consolidating reports and then focusing on analysis with any remaining time.

    EMEA finance and accounting

    A single reporting environment

    Make your process more agile with real-time data linked to multiple reports, documents and presentations within Wdesk. Your data updates instantly, so you can do the work you need, when you need.
  • Increase efficiency.

    Optimise your monthly and quarterly interim and annual reporting processes by automating as much as possible within Wdesk workbooks. Shorten the amount of time it takes to get from start to finish by collecting, organising and managing data from all sources in a single, secure platform.

    EMEA financial and management information

    Reduce risk.

    Data, reports and supporting documentation live in one secure environment, and linking ensures current and consistent information across all reports.
  • Streamline your process.

    Share financial, risk and sustainability data to support improved transparency.

    EMEA integrated and designed reporting

    Easily sync with InDesign®.

    Streamline report design by exporting .icml files from Wdesk, readable by InDesign®—even sync content between applications.
  • Have confidence in your history.

    Maintain complete control of your accounts with audit trails, extensive blacklines and granular controls. Link your data, and eliminate the need to import an entire file each time a change is made. Validate iXBRL, so you can find and address any issues—giving you confidence that your account will be accepted by HMRC.

    EMEA statutory account reporting

    Build a repeatable process.

    iXBRL tagging is automatically saved and rolled forward, preventing the need to duplicate efforts.

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  • We actually use Wdesk for documents that we don't even file—like a big memo that needs to be written—because you have the ability to let multiple people in the document at the same time. We actually set that up in Wdesk—we just print it out and sign off as opposed to filing it.

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