ESEF Reporting

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  • The mandate for ESEF reporting

    The European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) is a new regulation being specified by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), mandating that issuers on European Union regulated markets use a single electronic reporting data format in preparing their annual financial reports.

    Requirements for ESEF reporting

    • All public companies regulated by ESMA must submit their annual financial reports in XHTML for regulatory purposes
    • All public companies who prepare consolidated IFRS financial statements will need to provide these in Inline XBRL® (iXBRL) format
    • Companies will need to submit their annual financial reports, including IFRS financial statements, to their local jurisdiction

    This mandate goes into effect from 1 Jan 2020, and first ESEF submissions will be made in 2021. This new rule will make E.U. issuers’ annual financial reports machine-readable and discoverable.

    Inline XBRL®, iXBRL®, and XBRL® are trademarks of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The XBRLTM/® standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.

    ESEF mandate
  • Are you prepared for ESEF?

    ESEF presents an opportunity to revise processes. Develop annual reports, interim reports, presentations and other financial reports faster with greater data consistency.

    Annual reporting process

    If you have yet to begin preparations, now is the time. Workiva experts can help with critical actions that need to be taken quickly, including format migration to XHTML, familiarity with ESEF Taxonomy and iXBRL format, knowledge of anchoring requirements, and general reporting process optimisation.

    linking with Workiva
  • Connect numbers, narrative, tables and charts

    Create and maintain composite reports that combine text and numerical data. Develop charts, tables and source data from enterprise systems and spreadsheets to be used throughout management reports and financial statements. Easily collaborate with multiple authors, editors and reviewers.

    Automate and optimise the reporting process

    Collaborate across teams to draft annual reports—with no version control issues and a full audit trail of changes. The Workiva platform provides a repeatable framework that rolls forward easily, giving you time for more financial planning and analysis.

    Collect and collate narratives, control report structure and format and conduct cycles of edits and approvals within a single platform. Attach supporting documentation to specific values in your interim and annual reports, or request documentation from colleagues. Annotate and tie-out financial statements and workpapers.

    stockholder equity report within Workiva
  • Review, comment and publish

    Streamline the review process, and capture the history of changes, comments and feedback securely within the platform. Easily create highly formatted, book-quality financial reports and presentations for your financial forecasting and reporting.

    Simplify report production and delivery

    Workiva solutions enable you to format reports the way you want—in spreadsheets, documents and slides. Stay connected with mobile apps for review and commenting, anywhere you are.

    Designed reporting

    Workiva solutions enable teams to collect and manage source data, easily collaborate with multiple contributors and design agencies or in-house design teams to create a production-ready file format.

    consolidated statement of income
  • Integrate Inline XBRL in the reporting process

    Trust the industry leader in XBRL® and iXBRL software and services. Leverage a single, integrated platform for simultaneous report creation and XBRL tagging, ensuring confidence of your XBRL output.

    Easily shift to iXBRL reporting

    Getting ready for the 2020 ESEF compliance requirement takes rigorous preparation, including the adoption of iXBRL. Workiva has a full professional services team available to help you learn and understand tagging and taxonomy best practices. The ESEF Taxonomy will be available in order to comply with the requirement for Inline XBRL under ESEF reporting.

    ixbrl detail tagging

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