Banking and Capital Markets

Workiva connected compliance and reporting provides a reliable framework for optimising regulatory documentation, allowing you to focus on data quality and analysis.
  • Leverage a single, secure solution

    Adopt technology that lets you execute on deadline. Workiva enables users to contribute simultaneously—connecting data—so last-minute changes automatically update across thousands of pages. No more outdated data.

    Recovery and resolution planning

    Workiva provides a secure, collaborative environment for your recovery and resolution planning (RRP) teams.

    Easily bring structured and unstructured data into the platform to create a central, connected repository for recovery and resolution planning. Link, use and reuse that information to provide consistency across documents and roll forward.

    The cloud makes it easier for geographically dispersed teams to collaborate freely in a secure environment. You control which users can access, view and edit your documents, down to specific sections of the report.

    Bank Recovery Plan
  • Streamline CASS processes, reduce risk and cost

    Workiva solutions easily adapt to changing regulatory requirements—and provide a history and audit trail for the creation and maintenance of the CASS reporting process.


    Consolidate CASS RP, controls, attestations and MI packs into a single location. Automate process and track workflow, providing visibility to see who edited what part of documents and when it was edited. Ensure material changes are documented and immediately retrievable.

    Add content or comments, and conduct reviews in a single active document with version control. Set access permissions, so each user or line of business can access as much or as little information as necessary.

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  • Ensure data accuracy, and improve control

    Workiva helps your team work more efficiently with a single cloud platform that meets your connected reporting needs.

    Stress testing

    Create a sustainable and repeatable process for developing methodology and narratives, necessary supporting documentation and presentations.

    Improve reporting frequency and accuracy using a collaborative and integrated platform that allows for easy roll forward and data linking.

    Master Risk Reporting
  • Ensure accurate ICAAP and ILAAP with connected data

    Workiva transforms how banks tackle ICAAP and ILAAP. With a simplified workflow, you can create more efficient processes that are sustainable and repeatable.


    Optimise your narrative creation and documentation process in an connected platform to streamline your final submission.

    Create active links to your scenario results and financial data, so your information is always up to date and accurate.

  • Strengthen risk management processes

    Workiva enables a centralised, collaborative and continuous process from planning to reporting.

    Internal controls

    Connect risk and control information across your enterprise. From risk assessments to documentation, evidence collection, testing and reporting, the Workiva platform provides stakeholders across the organisation with in-depth and real-time data.

    Utilise Workiva for risk assurance, organisation frameworks, and commonly used global frameworks, including SOX, COSO and many others.

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Improve speed and efficiency of your CASS documentation, attestations and CASS controls.

Management Reporting

Combine numbers and narrative, tables and charts to create presentation-quality reports.

Internal Controls Management

Transform internal controls design, testing, certification and reporting.


Workiva ensures the accuracy of your insurance data.
  • Workiva has helped us improve the quality of our work by simplifying our layouts, processes, data linking and especially, our collaboration. The application allows us to continuously improve how we operate and focus on our team's mandate.

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