Annual Reporting

Revolutionise your annual and interim reporting. Centralise data and narrative to create more accurate reports in less time.

  • Manage enterprisewide data for faster insight

    Improved access to real-time data

    Easily connect, explore and interpret massive datasets from structured systems or desktop spreadsheets. Enrich, filter and refresh report data as needed while maintaining final output format.

    Workiva connectivity and data preparation tools enable users to manage ad hoc requests and perform faster, more reliable exploration and analysis. Complex close, consolidation and variance analysis processes can be accomplished with minimal resources and in reduced time.

    Consolidated Statement of Income

    Connected data

    Workiva solutions can be used across the enterprise to fulfill a wide variety of reporting and compliance needs. Trust the data in your reporting process, and decrease reporting time.

    By connecting to ERP source data, teams can ensure consistency throughout all instances. Linked numbers and narrative across all documentation types update automatically.

  • Deliver reports with confidence

    Consistency across your reports

    Connect data and narrative in a central ecosystem of reports. Improve data accuracy and consistency across your annual and integrated reports by connecting tables, charts and presentations to a central source of data. When changes occur, all linked cells, spreadsheets, documents and text are updated automatically.

    reporting consistency

    Unequaled financial reporting visibility

    Access a clear, articulate audit trail of all user activities, and see real-time updates in financial and status dashboards, enabling faster and more informed business decisions.

    Ensure data continuity, streamline the review process and provide unparalleled visibility through live-linked spreadsheets and documents.

    Cross-departmental data provides a full view of business activity, enabling a complete picture of company performance.

  • Optimise your designed reporting process

    Streamlined reporting process

    Workiva offers several options to optimise your designed reporting process and ensures you meet company requirements.

    You can elect to keep your designed reporting in-house or effectively integrate it with your chosen design firm. Workiva will partner with your design agency to ensure a streamlined reporting process.

    streamlined reporting process

    Customised outputs in less time

    Easily create high-quality annual, interim and management reports, board books and presentations in a single platform.

    Minimise report creation time time by rolling forward frequently used reports. Track document status and changes with live indicators. Review, comment, approve and publish in one reporting environment.

  • Meet requirements for global jurisdictions

    Local reporting requirements and jurisdictions

    Workiva connected reporting solutions meet local reporting requirements for statutory, annual and SEC reporting. As a full-service provider, Workiva provides XBRL® and Inline XBRL® (iXBRL) professional services to support filings to regulatory authorities around the world, including the reporting requirements for HMRC, SEC, CIPC and the approaching European Single Electronic Format (ESEF).

    Workiva enables you to save time, reduce risk and improve accuracy in preparing and filing your financial statements in XBRL, as well as broader financial reporting activities.

    Income Statement with XBRL outline

    XBRL and iXBRL expertise

    Workiva maintains a large ongoing investment in XBRL and iXBRL mapping and tagging technologies that lead the industry in innovation and ease of use.

    A large range of professional services are available, tailored to your needs. Select from do-it-yourself tagging, à la carte services or a full-service option, where the Workiva team does everything from tagging your document to reviewing it.

    XBRL®, Inline XBRL®, and iXBRL® are trademarks of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The XBRL™/® standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.

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