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Wake up with Workiva: Own the bigger picture

Key Takeaways

Integrity of data and clarity of message are critical for every corporate report that your organisation produces. With new regulations and standards impacting the reporting process and introducing new risk vectors, and following increasing pressure from investors and other external stakeholders, your corporate stories are falling under greater scrutiny.

Which makes one thing clear: controls can no longer be isolated from the broader reporting process. Controls considerations need to be integrated within the process from the outset and not be treated as an afterthought. 

For control, audit and risk professionals, there’s an opportunity to not just embed themselves within the process but to establish themselves as key players in influencing and driving value for their organisation. You don’t just have to be a part of the bigger picture: you can own it.

During this 30-minute session, we’ll show you:

  • How to gain oversight of the end-to-end reporting process
  • How to achieve full traceability of data 
  • How to establish seamless collaboration between control, audit, risk, finance and sustainability teams

wuww - 16th March

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