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Wake Up With Workiva: Cementing Corporate Value

Key Takeaways

Corporate reporting processes are complex. That’s inescapable. But this complexity shouldn’t impact the quality of the final report. 

As new regulations come into play, including those related to ESG, the task of delivering annual and interim reports becomes increasingly burdensome. Organisations need to navigate these changes while clearly communicating their corporate value.

One way to tackle disruption head-on and cement corporate value is by taking a communication-first approach to reporting. Enhance the way that you produce the non-financial elements of your annual reports, and you will have more confidence and comfort in using this content. By becoming more efficient and effective, you can spend more time maximising communication and ensure that your reports match up to stakeholder expectations. 

During this 30 minute session, we’ll show you: 

  • How to efficiently create and review the non-financial elements of your report 
  • How to collaborate effectively on your communication and design to ensure your report is best in class
  • How to create and connect multiple outputs alongside your reports, such as high quality analyst decks and press releases

Wake Up With Workiva

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