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UK SOX Is Here: Who Will the Mandate Impact and How to Prepare

Key Takeaways

UK SOX will reform the way that audit, controls and governance are managed at large organisations—but it will also likely mean that many companies will need to transform their current processes.

Understanding accountabilities and attestations is critical for creating a solid UK SOX strategy. With stakeholders expecting rigorous assurance, the attention must now turn to how to achieve it.

This guide shows you how taking a measured approach to process development will set your business up for UK SOX success.

Download it to learn:

  • The biggest roadblocks to complying with UK SOX best practices—and how to overcome them 
  • Who UK SOX will impact within your business, and what they can do to prepare for the mandate 
  • How to win back time and increase process efficiency by creating a connected, compliant and agile work environment

UK SOX is here ebook



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