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Support, Elevate and Transform Your Shared Service Centre with Workiva

Key Takeaways

Faced with increasing external pressures, more multi-entity organisations are now using Shared Service Centres (SSCs) to support their reporting needs. 

Tasked with driving business operations while ensuring compliance across multiple regions, SSCs are embracing digital transformation initiatives to help improve efficiency, collaboration and control. Download this datasheet to learn: 

  • How the Workiva platform helps SSCs work with an unprecedented level of accuracy, connection and control 
  • How, by bringing everything together on one platform, Workiva allows SSCs to work with unparalleled oversight and efficiency while producing global and regionally-compliant reports
  • How Workiva enables SSCs to go beyond the fulfilment of their service-level agreements and become key value drivers for their organisation
  • How to transform Shared Service Centres to Centres of Excellence: hubs of expertise, guidance and technological innovation for the entire organisation

Multi Entity Reporting for SSC

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