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Reducing the Risk of ESEF Audit

Key Takeaways

With thousands of companies across the EU, the UK and the EEA in the midst of their ESEF projects, there is still a lack of clarity about the ESEF audit. 

Guidance has been released by the CEAOB regarding how the audit of the ESEF should be carried out, but it is subject to national transposition since the audit requirements are set at the national level. Therefore, some details are still undefined—and this leads to questions from both the preparers and auditors.

In this panel discussion, Willem Geijtenbeek, Digital Reporting Leader at PwC and Andromeda Wood, Senior Director of Data Modelling at Workiva, will discuss common questions about the ESEF audit, and share their recommendations for steps you can follow for a smooth audit process with less risk.

Highlights of the discussion will include:

  • Where does audit fit with the ESEF? 
  • What are the current guidelines and current regulatory knowns and unknowns?
  • What are the best practices preparers can follow to engage with their auditors?
  • What are the best practices for auditors when auditing in the Workiva platform?
  • What is the impact of last minute changes on audit?

Reducing the Risk of ESEF Audit


60 minutes


Willem Geijetenbook, PwC; Andromeda Wood, Workiva

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