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Interactive ESG Guide: Double Materiality Assessment

Key Takeaways

For organisations seeking to keep up with the latest standards and expectations in sustainability reporting, understanding double materiality—a key principle of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)—is critical. 

Around the globe, financial and sustainability reporting practices are being brought closer together. Finance and sustainability teams must now unite to determine what their organisation needs to report on: as finance professionals bring experience with materiality assessments to the table, sustainability teams provide essential context and guidance.

This interactive guide helps you engage with stakeholders and simplifies the assessment process into four steps, which teams can do independently or with help from an advisory firm or consultant. 

Download for:

  • A guide that explains best practices for research, engagement, prioritisation, and activation—and contains pages that you can complete as you conduct a materiality assessment 
  • Examples of materiality maps—and the ability to create your own within the guide 
  • Insight to help you simplify your double materiality assessments and map the ESG issues that matter most to your stakeholders 


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