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ESG: Unlocking Growth

Key Takeaways

Why should ESG reporting matter to my business? 

Nowadays, investors want more than just profitability from the companies they back. Businesses are expected to support people and the planet, and have a long-term vision for the future. 

While corporate leaders understand this in principle, many still view ESG as ‘non-financial’ information that doesn’t contribute to their bottom line—but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

This guide breaks down exactly why ESG should be a top priority for your organisation.  

It reveals: 

  • How companies who embrace and fully integrate ESG into their business model can excel further than those who only focus on compliance
  • The role that technology plays in forming thoughtful and effective ESG strategies
  • How the right technology and strategy can enable you to unlock more value than ever before





ESG reporting software at Workiva

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