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British American Tobacco: Reduce Risk and Drive Smart Business Decisions

Key Takeaways

It’s imperative for British American Tobacco (BAT) to not only have lightning-fast access to data, but also a streamlined, automated way of being able to process it to ensure the right decisions can be made in order to achieve the goals of the business. 

Companies spend over 80% of their time collating endless data points, yet only 20% of that time analysing and acting upon findings—this seems unsustainable. It not only slows down decision-making, but it also opens up a whole realm of potential errors.

Technologies now exist so that organisations can take back control over their data.

This webinar covers:

  • How BAT can reduce risk and drive automation by connecting and standardising reporting from source through to submission—ultimately leading to a harmonised reporting function
  • How connecting the three lines of defence in BAT’s internal audit function is essential to an efficient controls environment
  • Why a reporting team spending a majority of their time manipulating Word and Excel can be damaging to the strategic direction of a business

BAT webinar document image


48 minutes


Chris Beszant, Jaswant Chauhan

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