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Market Research

Annual reporting insights 2022

Key Takeaways

Annual reporting is being disrupted. The latest reporting season saw ESEF come into full force. New ESG mandates are around the corner, with ESG data set to play a key role within the annual report. 

How are organisations handling change? Are they prepared for future disruption? And is it time to challenge the status quo for annual reporting?

We surveyed 539 finance leaders across Europe to gain insight into the market. Here’s what we discovered: 

  • Annual reporting is complex 

On average, 50 people work across 227 individual documents 

  • Time intensive 

41% of reporting professionals were over capacity during the latest reporting period 

  • Risky 

60% of all edits were communicated through manual methods 

  • And it’s ready for change 

94% had more conversations about controls and risk this year as a result of new mandates

For insight into the state of annual reporting and to assess how disruption could impact your organisation’s processes, download the report. 

Annual Reporting



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