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The Annual Reporting Barometer 2023: Facing up to the CSRD

Key Takeaways

The annual reporting landscape is facing significant changes. Today, the biggest catalyst for this change is the CSRD (the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). 

With the CSRD, ‘integrated reporting’ takes on a new meaning. Rather than simply presenting financial and non-financial information side-by-side, companies will need to provide their disclosures with mandated levels of transparency, uniformity and detail.

As organisations gear up for the CSRD, we wanted to understand where they currently stand. To understand their processes and how these are changing, we worked with Opinium Research to survey 509 finance leaders across Europe. The results reveal an industry in flux.

Download to learn:

  • How the CSRD is already impacting current processes
  • What “integrated reporting” means within the boundaries set by the CSRD—and whether organisations are prepared 
  • Why time is running out for many organisations to achieve CSRD compliance 
  • How prepared your organisation is when compared to your peers 

Workiva annual reporting barometer 2023



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