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Amplify EMEA 2022: The Deck

Key Takeaways

Thank you for joining us at Amplify EMEA 2022! All of the slides that were presented during the conference are now available for download. This 163-slide master deck includes: 

  • Introduction from Workiva president and COO Julie Iskow  (Page 2) 
  • Session: The Workiva Platform  (Page 8)
  • Session: Process Improvement | Evolve at Your Own Pace  (Page 19) 
  • Session: Risk Management | Turn risk into opportunity  (Page 29) 
  • Session: What's New with the Workiva Platform  (Page 40)
  • Session: Leading from the top on ESG | New expectations for governance and transparency  (Page 125) 
  • Session: Data Integrity | Achieve the possible  (Page 133)
  • Closing keynote by Dr. Ben Caldecott  (Page 138)
  • Final words from Erik Saito, Workiva's General Manager of EMEA & APAC  (Page 157)

Workiva Amplify EMEA 2022 Master Deck cover



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