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Your data, on your terms.

Bring in data from multiple sources with complete control, context, and clarity. See what you’ve been missing.


Bring in data from any source.


Clean, prepare, and create custom data sets.


Refresh data on a schedule or with a click.


Trace connected data back to the origin.

Connect to data, wherever it lives.

Need data from Workday®? A contract total from Salesforce®? Financials from your general ledger? With the open Workiva platform, you can bring information from ERPs, CRMs, and other systems of record into one place where work gets done. Pre-built connectors make it easy to tap into all your sources. Open APIs allow you to connect to thousands of other systems. Plus, you can source unstructured data from standard desktop tools and documents.
Connections Anaplan Cloud Cloud Cloud Blackline Planful Create Connection
Start Building Load Actuals Load & Reconcile Run Consolidation

Prepare data within the same platform.

Making changes for reporting data has never been easier. Workiva's drag-and-drop data transformation and preparation tools deliver previews and provide insights on the fly. Simply extract data from sources into a centralized table, where you can perform queries, filter, and clean your datasets, without leaving the Workiva platform. And do it across millions of records that typical spreadsheets can’t handle.

Let it flow.

Automate data transfers from on-premise or cloud enterprise systems. Take the pain out of repeat report creation with workflows that update documents on schedule at the beginning of each new reporting cycle. Customize easy-to-build Chains to do the heavy lifting of data retrieval on a certain day, or on demand. Free up time for analysis and decision-making.
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ESG Scorecard Overall score th 87percentile /100 58 / Social Data Age Region Sustainability 
Report Investor Report

Transparency with every change.

Most solutions bring in data from a point in time. But once its removed from the source, data loses integrity. With Workiva, your data stays connected to the source so you get true, trusted numbers with a full audit trail. Drill down to see your data’s origin, even after multiple transformations.

Truth and trust at scale. We deal with the complexity so your team doesn’t have to.

Main Working File Data Sources Systems Trial Balance Budget Data Head Count Data 9/30 9/30 9/30 9/30 9/30 221,092 Installs Capital Leases Accounts Payable Common Stock Notes Receivable Accounting Period Trial Balance Account Name Period Change 4,687,399 8,020,004 77,900,503 60,000,800

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