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Simplifying the Annual Reporting Process

ESEF, ESG and The Circle of Trust

With ESEF altering, and ESG entering, the annual reporting process, it’s difficult to maintain trust in data. Something needs to change.

There's a clear case to be made for a more sustainable approach.

Traditional reporting processes are complex

The traditional approach to achieving compliance—buying point solutions that address the specific demands of each mandate—might be causing undue stress, wasting time and creating gaps that introduce new risk. It's time to close those gaps.

Simplify complex work

It's possible to simplify the annual reporting process. When all reporting activities take place within one central platform, it's easier to integrate structured and unstructured data, achieve compliance, save time and minimise risk. You can close the gaps.

Over 4,100 of the biggest names trust Workiva to simplify complex work.

Take the first step to simplifying your annual reporting process.

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