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Preparing Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports with Wdesk

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How Jim uses Wdesk

  • To generate quarterly reports, Jim now brings data from Excel ® into Wdesk. Once in place, documents and workbooks are linked, so if a number changes in one place, all related data points are automatically updated, increasing efficiency.
  • Linked data helps him control which contributing documents affect different areas of the report. For example, Worksheet A can affect Section I of a report without affecting Section II.
  • Once all of the information and data are in place, Jim uses the milestone feature of the built-in document history when reviewing the report. It helps the company ensure it's hitting targets in an easy-to-read, simple fashion.
  • Jim is interested in further implementation across departments because of the ability to link reports between multiple departments.



  • The controller loves the new turnaround time, in addition to the quality of the report. "It's a much easier turnaround to draft in Wdesk than it would be in Excel or Word," Jim says.
  • He also appreciates the customer service he receives as a Workiva customer. His Customer Success Manager is always available for training, and periodic check-ins are par for the course.
  • Jim says the ability to link documents has greatly increased efficiency. Being able to change one number and have a chart in another place subsequently update is extremely helpful.


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