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The Future is Connected

Building trust in the age of transformation

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The call for connected reporting and compliance

Numbers and narrative presented within modern reports⁠ have an exponential impact that goes well beyond the financial statement or slide deck. Unfortunately, control over that data is lost the moment information leaves the safe confines of consolidation or visualization tools in order to perform reporting tasks. Connected reporting and compliance is radically changing the way organizations gather, manage, and apply their data.


of organizations have made a significant decision based on inaccurate data

BlackLine study

Connected data can create trust in numbers and narrative

When you connect data from source to output to every iteration and analysis in between, you no longer have to trade off data control and assurance in favor of accessibility and flexibility. See the ripple effect of reliable data.


of time spent collecting, manipulating, and managing data, leaving little time for analysis

Workiva and Journal of Accountancy study

Connected people can automate manual tasks and focus on meaningful work

Instead of painstakingly tying out numbers, accounting and finance can think strategically how to apply those numbers. See how connected reporting and compliance turns data chasers into business partners.


of finance organizations that automate more of their work realize higher ROI

McKinsey & Company study

Connected processes can fuel financial transformation

Connectivity is the first step toward data automation and assurance. Final numbers and narrative can be trusted to fortify decisions that shape your organization’s future and influence global and local economies. See why connected reporting and compliance is essential for enabling financial transformation.

Connected reporting and compliance in action

Why the need to connect is now

With the global economy and regulations changing rapidly—combined with public cries for increased accountability and transparency—trust is going to be harder to gain. See why connected reporting and compliance is the only way forward.

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