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Workiva Annual Conference - October 13th

Amplify EMEA 2022

Enter a new era of transparency—the free conference for finance, risk and reporting teams.

Discuss the new era for integrated reporting with Workiva and a host of experts. Join us in person in Amsterdam or virtually.

Event details

- October 13th
- The Kromhouthal, Amsterdam
- Sessions 9am-4.30pm
- Drinks and networking until 6.30pm
- In person and virtual
- Limited tickets

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Embrace change

We’re in a new era for reporting: one that will be defined by transparency, data integrity and assurance. Arm yourself with insight from some of the industry’s most authoritative voices, and learn how the Workiva platform is evolving to meet new challenges, at Amplify EMEA 2022.

One day, six sessions, unlimited potential.

Join Workiva and an audience of your peers and learn how to navigate today and tomorrow with ease.


New mandates are disrupting the annual reporting process. Ultimately, this will result in more complexity, more work and more diverse data sets to manage—all while under the same time pressures. The big picture solution for this is to transform your reporting processes. But what should this actually look like in practice? And how can you bring about process improvement in a way that minimises risk while increasing efficiency and productivity? 

During this session, Workiva customers and their partners will explain why their most impactful change never happen with a big bang but, instead, a slow burn. Join them to learn:

  • The steps that they took to evolve their processes over time—and what they’re planning to do next 
  • How to identify your top opportunities for improvement (whether audit agility; improvements to review, data collection, or connectivity; improving collaboration; deploying targeted automation; enabling design-centered reporting processes; or anything else) and focus action where it’s needed most 
  • How they developed a roadmap for change that makes sense for their unique business requirements

Disruption creates risk. And as new mandates alter reporting processes,  the motivation to minimise risk is greater than ever.

How should businesses adapt to the changing landscape? What can they do to mitigate exposure to threats? And how can they leverage their internal risk teams to create business value?

During this session, we'll discuss:

  • The benefits of establishing deeper connections between risk, controls, and the wider reporting function
  • How risk professionals have successfully  driven strategic business objectives
  • How to establish stronger relationships between risk management and leadership

How should organisations respond to expected changes to ESG reporting? Within a complex regulatory landscape, and facing diverse and ever-changing stakeholder expectations, it can be difficult to move forward with confidence. 
During this fireside chat, we’ll discuss these challenges with a customer. They will also share how  they have been able to successfully present their ESG information consistently across all communication channels to regulators, investors, customers and other stakeholders.

Join to learn: 

  • How to find focus among the noise so you can move forward with clarity and certainty 
  • How the speaker has worked to establish new best practices for their organisation in anticipation of imminent mandates 
  • How to establish a future-thinking ESG reporting strategy

In the new era for reporting, there are three major priorities: minimise risk, achieve data integrity and establish trust. Ultimately, organisations need to be confident in the data that they collate and the information that they include in their final reports. This can only be achieved if they maintain control of their reporting environment and gain oversight of all data, processes and activities. 
During this session, we’ll be joined by a customer who will explain how they became confident in the consistency of their data, established full traceability, and saved time during report preparation and review.

We’ll discuss: 

  • How to create a unified process that will drive data consistency, traceability and audit-readiness across different disclosure and risk workstreams 
  • How to win back time ahead of new mandates coming into force 
  • How connected data helps speed up audit streams   

The regulatory landscape is in a state of flux and demands from stakeholders are increasing. We’re going to show you how the Workiva platform is keeping pace and ensuring that you’re fully tooled, both now and in the future. 

During this session, we’ll explain: 

  • The strategy that underpins the development of new product releases, under-the-cover improvements and feature improvements
  • How customers are using some of our newest features
  • What’s next for the Workiva platform
  • How our new features will benefit your business

Speaker: Special guest

Don't miss out: join us in Amsterdam (or virtually)

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Workiva is dedicated to simplifying your most complex work. Our Amplify events are a chance to rally around a better way of working. We bring thousands of passionate finance, accounting, compliance and ESG professionals together each year to share best practices, gain insights, and get inspired. In addition to career-building training and professional development, you can enjoy an exclusive first look at the latest technologies, meet some of the brightest minds in the business, and gain the clarity you need to embrace transparency and enter the new era for reporting with confidence.

Workiva Amplify EMEA is tailor-made for finance, risk and ESG reporting teams. It’s open to everyone, including Workiva users, non-users and partners.

Workiva Amplify EMEA is taking place on October 13th.

The in-person event is taking place at The Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. Address: Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You also have the option to join us virtually, wherever you are in the world.

No! Whether you attend in person in Amsterdam or are joining us virtually, Workiva Amplify EMEA is completely free to attend.

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