Workiva Technology

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Workiva is on a mission to turn our powerful technology, infrastructure, and services into experiences that change the way that data, documents, and teams work together. We are committed to building the most useful—and usable—software for our customers, connecting data, reporting and compliance across the enterprise.

Our connected platform

Data, documents, and teams work together in a secure reporting and controls platform.

Our technology powers solutions used across the enterprise

Consistent, continuous data

As content changes, all linked instances are updated automatically.

Connectivity and data preparation

Utilize data from disparate systems across your organization. Gather, prepare, and enrich data—and then connect to all outbound reports for reporting and analysis. Make report adjustments and refresh data with the push of a button, reducing the dependency on IT for data preparation or report creation.

Connected reporting

Leverage an object-oriented approach to reporting that enables you to reference data elements in multiple places. Objects such as text, charts, calculations, and images can be used and reused. Build reports from existing data elements, rather than writing them individually. Each data element is linked, so that when changes are made, they update everywhere.

Code-free automation

Create a framework for reporting that can be used and reused cycle after cycle. Leverage automated certifications, live-updating dashboards, workflow, and templates to roll forward existing frameworks for new use. Each business unit works in their own workspace, but can be permissioned access to cross-organizational data as needed.

See the power of connected reporting and compliance