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Legal Teams

Your best defense against regulatory risk and inefficiency.

You can’t stay competitive while using technology from another time. Drop the printers, and pick up better processes through modernization.

One wrong detail can slow down a deal or send it to a screeching halt. Gain trust and truth in data by managing all your ‘33 and ‘34 Act forms like capital market deals, 8-Ks, and proxy statements, within the Workiva platform. A central platform for all offerings and transactions increases efficiency and confidence while eliminating the need for traditional financial printers. You passed the bar, now raise it with Workiva.

Tired process

Fresh thinking

Workiva doesn’t reinvent the wheel, we just improve it. With so much at stake, avoid bad data across documents, old versions, or wonky formatting by adopting technology to modernize your process and ensure content consistency and centralization.

What did I miss?

Mitigated risk

De-risk your documents with complete control over the workflow, project access, and role-based permissions down to the cell. No more waiting on traditional manual printers or third-parties for a handoff—you’re in charge.


Popping bottles

Reduce drafting time by linking data instead of countless copy and pastes. Plus, blacklines are a breeze with a digitized process, making it easy to provide more timely, unrushed reviews and approvals to keep projects moving.

Left in the lurch

We got you

The Workiva platform is supported by 24/7 expert service to help you at any step, from document creation, to filing, to distribution. We’ll help with best practices, document setup, on-site training, and more.


Comprehensive services for each transaction.

Get all the services that will make your job easier—backed by 24/7 support throughout drafting, filing, printing, and distribution—with the ability to add more as you need.

Explore more ways we’re killing complexity.

Let's get to work.

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