Tax Reporting

Use Wdesk to collect, manage, disclose, report, and analyze tax data and related documents.
  • Shorten your tax close process

    Efficient tax statement preparation

    Use Wdesk to easily and accurately manage data for tax provision, transfer pricing, and financial reporting. Import data from ERP and financial consolidation systems, leveraging existing trial balance, financial statement, and other back-office reports.

    Bring structured and unstructured data into a single ecosystem of connected workpapers and reports. Go paperless and attach outside workpapers, such as fixed asset reports, directly to the figures that they support.

    Efficient tax statement preparation

    Accurately manage tax provision calculations

    Wdesk allows you to easily manipulate, compute, and calculate complex data. Calculate the tax provision for each level of your tax structure, from legal entity or subsidiary all the way to the consolidated tax disclosure.

    Automate the calculation of tax adjustments, effective tax rates, and journal entries through connected workpapers. Generate tax journal entries to address US GAAP, IFRS, and statutory reporting. Track forward-looking provision scenarios, and compare previous revisions with blackline functionality.

    Accurately manage tax provision calculations
  • Manage transfer pricing documentation

    Collect and manage data

    Respond to changing regulations by connecting data from existing systems to create customized datasets for transfer pricing reports. Collect data from remote users securely with strict access controls and permission governance.

    Ensure consistency across documentation. Link data directly to transfer pricing documents without having to import and export to Excel®. A detailed audit trail shows all changes at each step of the transfer pricing accounting process.

    Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

    Collect and manage data

    Save time and resources

    Rather than build reports from scratch every time, Wdesk enables you to automate the roll forward and document duplication process. Connect narrative to ensure consistency across all of your transfer pricing documents—when a change is made, all linked usages are updated.

    Collaborate with users, advisors, and auditors from around the world on a single live document. Eliminate version control risks, and ensure everyone is always working on the most recent report.

    Save time and resources
  • Deliver disclosures and reports with confidence

    Connect tax and financial reporting teams

    Improve the efficiency of the tax provision by leveraging data directly from your provision calculations into internal reports, tax disclosures, and tax footnotes on 10-K and 10-Q filings. Easily reconcile tax accounts to accounting data and generate tax journal entries.

    Access real-time data in financial dashboards for monitoring KPIs and making faster business decisions. Facilitate trend analysis and multi-period comparison with the ability to drill down into data sources for additional context.

    Wdesk cloud platform data integrations

    Streamline review and sign-off

    Take your processes paperless with built-in digital certification tools tailored for your cycle times. Templates, reminders, and robust tracking capabilities enable signers to review, approve, and sign off on any device without having to print a single sheet of paper.

    Track initial trial balance, adjusted trial balance, and tax reporting entities with full visibility into data history—all the way down to an individual sheet or cell. Outside workpapers are attached directly to the figures they support.

    Wdesk cloud platform connectors and apis
  • Have confidence in your data

    Full data transparency

    Wdesk provides a single location to quickly access documents—share the same data across legal, tax, and accounting departments without having to leave the platform. Coordinate activities and manage due dates to support international, federal, and state timelines.

    Improve oversight on tax data with detailed authorship on data changes. Direct visibility is available across jurisdictions and tax types, and into the history of all figures all the way down to a cell-by-cell level.

    Full data transparency

    Easily manage supporting documentation

    Upload and attach tax support workpapers, such as fixed asset reports, directly to spreadsheet cells or document text for easy availability to external auditors and regulators.

    Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, leveraging role-based permissions that enable report owners to control who can access, view, and edit data and text.

    Easily manage supporting documentation

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  • Using Wdesk for our tax provision and reporting process allowed us to shorten our tax close by one week—without replacing our existing financial systems and tax compliance software.

  • From a global perspective, Wdesk is a single source that everybody uses. That really makes a big difference in the document.

  • The first thing I'd tell another professional is, 'You have to take a look at Wdesk. It saves you time, it saves you effort, and it gives you comfort that you have control of the document from beginning to end. And not only that, once you get the data to populate your reports, it's there to use for a plethora of other types of projects, reports, or whatever'.

  • Consultants and external auditors have seen improvement in the quality level of our documentation with Wdesk.

  • We’ve expanded the use of Wdesk from simple financial reporting to other compliance efforts that help us reduce the cost of complying with those rules and regulations.

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