Sustainability Reporting

Reduce manual data entry and develop scalable reporting frameworks in a single cloud platform.

  • Streamline CSR Reporting

    Companies face pressure from investors to provide non-financial data regarding social and environmental performance as part of their corporate reports. Wdesk is a cloud platform that reduces the effort required to provide transparency and accountability throughout CSR efforts.

    Simplify the entire CSR reporting cycle

    Simplify the entire CSR reporting cycle

    From data collection to report development and distribution, Wdesk for Corporate Sustainability Reporting enables teams to develop processes that increase efficiency and reduce cost.

    CSR data is readily available in a single platform, enabling report contributors and reviewers to collaborate the same active document. Blacklines and milestones are used to track report progress and easily see changes between versions.

  • Improve Sustainability Data Management

    With Wdesk, site-level and regional changes to consumption and emissions are automatically reflected across periodic KPI reports, dashboards, and sustainability reports.

    Simplify data collection

    Simplify data collection

    Flexible, custom templates allow the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, which compiles instantly as it is collected. Distribute templates to all providers with a single click, and update them without IT assistance. Connect data into Wdesk from existing systems.

    Monitor progress

    Save time by crafting reports as data is being collected. As you approve, new data points immediately update in documents, charts, and presentations. Real-time dashboards show the status of templates and individual data contributions.

  • Automate Collaboration and Review

    Data collection for sustainability questionnaires can be tedious and time consuming—values must often be normalized for consistent usage. With Wdesk, the reduction in manual consolidation of comments and reviews from across the company improves efficiency and reduces time.

    Monitor and manage

    Monitor and manage

    Digital workflow allows contributors to see which sections of the report have been completed, and revision history provides a full audit trail.

    Analysts work simultaneously in a single workbook with individually assigned sections for their portions of the questionnaire.

    Connect data from a master workbook into the CDP and DJSI responses, sustainability report, and 10-K, allowing last-minute changes to automatically flow through all documents.

  • Increase Confidence In GRI Report Accuracy

    Creating large sustainability reports based on the GRI G3.1 and upcoming G4 framework requires a sustainability reporting software equipped to handle many contributors, rounds of changes, and a variety of data inputs. Wdesk was designed to support large-scale reporting efforts, improving the confidence in GRI report output.

    Eliminate version control issues

    Eliminate version control issues

    No need to manually “check in” and “check out” documents—teams work together on the same document simultaneously. Full revision history shows who made what changes and when, allowing the sustainability manager to facilitate quick follow-up.

    Utilize GRI reporting standards and templates within Wdesk. Ensure accuracy by connecting indicator values and text between the report and template, so updates are reflected in both locations.

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  • Having the whole report prepared and linked just gives me comfort. I don't have to spend extra time going back and rechecking every single number and validating it against the support. I know if I've checked it once, it flows throughout the document. And its a comfort for our CFO, the auditors, and the lawyers too.

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