Stress Testing: CCAR and DFAST

Wdesk optimizes the documentation processes fed by your enterprise stress testing program.

  • Organize Information
  • Create and Update Drafts
  • Reviews
  • Sign Off
  • Status Monitoring, Controls, and Certification
  • Dodd-Frank compliance made easy.

    Organize CCAR information

    Organize information.

    Compliance and reporting teams can better manage the continually changing qualitative and quantitative data needed to meet evolving regulatory mandates, maintaining consistency across multiple submission documents.
  • Collaboration in real time.

    Create and update drafts for DFAST

    Create and update drafts.

    Data linking, formatting controls, document and section permissions, and real-time updates enable compliance and reporting teams to work in parallel—removing version control issues and putting the focus on value-added work.
  • Single reporting environment.

    CCAR and DFAST reviews


    Eliminate the time consuming activity of aggregating input from hundreds of contributors across hundreds of documents. With Wdesk, teams can track changes, provide comments, and review feedback in real time in one active document.
  • Confidence in your numbers.

    Sign off in Wdesk

    Sign off.

    With optimized documentation processes and integrated evidence management, you can be confident you're signing off on a true and validated story for the board and regulators.
  • Process transparency.

    Status monitoring, controls, and certification

    Status monitoring, controls, and certification.

    Control document versions, permissions, and certification to provide regulators data lineage visibility for an easy audit of the drafting process.
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What others are saying about us.
  • Wdesk is a hero for DFAST. I know there are banks out there doing their DFAST processes in Word® and Excel®, but how many days and nights does it take for them to get there? Can they sleep peacefully and know that they have governance and control over their documentation? I can do that. I know my CFO can do that. Because of Wdesk.
  • We used to run our DFAST process entirely in Word® and Excel®. We needed to eliminate the unnecessary manual process we had before, and only Wdesk could do that for us.

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