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Statement of Cash Flows

Make the right statement, right on schedule, by connecting data from your sources to your statement of cash flows.

statement of cash flows use case
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Connect data, instead of just collecting data

Streamline your statements by setting up standardized data collection processes and connecting directly to data sources. No more soul-crushing copy and pastes or death by data gathering.



Everyone in the platform

Work side by side without ever setting foot in the office. Jam on numbers while your coworkers build out narrative, without having to wait.



Link statements together

Produce multiple financial statements and reports from the same set of data. Connect your income statements and balance sheets directly to your cash flow statement. 



Make quick work of cash flow statements

The statement of cash flows is at the core of some of your company's most important metrics. That’s no place you want to find errors. Avoid the mistakes of manual processes by connecting your ERPs, general ledgers, and any other sources to the Workiva platform, and start automating the preparation of your statement of cash flows each month.




Cash flow, meet better workflow

Perform your entire cash flow statement preparation as a team, at the same time and in a single place—including everyone from the product line to the CFO. Assign edit or view-only access to contributors—as well as internal and external auditors—down to individual cells, slides, and sections. Stop worrying about unseen changes, and get a full view of who made what change and when across the entire life of the document.


Multiple statements in a single click

Connect data directly to your income statements, balance sheets, and other financial statements, and from your statement of cash flows across your analysis and reports. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your numbers are always up to date in all commentary, charts, tables, and more. Any change at the source, and they all update simultaneously.



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Truth and trust at scale. We deal with the complexity so your team doesn’t have to.

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