State and Local Government

Minimize manual work for your financial reporting process and empower your to team focus on insightful analysis of financial data. Manage the complexities of state and local government reporting with a single cloud-based solution.
  • Financial Reports
  • Budget Reports
  • Grant Reports
  • Citizen Reports
  • Reports at your fingertips.

    Never do another "stare and compare" to capture data updates in your documents. Collaborate with your team on CAFR, Single Audit, Continuing Disclosure Documents, Official Statements, and more.

    Government financial reporting

    Accuracy like never before.

    Combine numerical and narrative information in a controlled environment that maintains a complete audit trail. Link data across tables, text, narrative, and documents to ensure it stays up-to-date.
  • Focus on the content in your budget process.

    Stop micromanaging the data for your budget process. Connect program data, narrative, and commentary in a single repository. Optimize fund budgeting process from data collection to final approval, and work together on a single version of the budget book, strategic plan, meeting agenda, and more.

    Government budget development

    Track and review.

    Keep your program data, narrative, and page formatting always consistent and up-to-date with a single cloud solution. Watch live comments flow into one version of your document.
  • Be confident in your data for accurate progress and executive reports.

    Combine financial and performance data for monthly, quarterly, and annual grant reporting requirements. Comply with federal grant requirements by ensuring data accuracy and auditability in Wdesk.

    Government grant reporting

    Link and report.

    Collect and link program data into tables, charts, or narrative and create a sustainable process for Progress Reports. Share financial data from your CAFR or Single Audit to ensure consistency across reports.
  • Bring data and people together.

    Turn operational data into consumable information for your citizens. Connect financial and nonfinancial information to your PAFR, CCR, or other financial reports posted to your .gov website. When source data updates, so does your citizen report—making it easy to manage.

    Government citizen reports

    Collaborate with team members.

    Stop duplicating documents that share the same information. Instead, watch updates cascade across all related documents in real time.
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