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SOX Compliance

The best way to spend less time on SOX.

From scoping to certification—and everything in between—make it through Sarbanes-Oxley compliance faster than ever before.

SOX compliance for everyone.

Control owners can update their own narrative and certify controls. Integrate risk assessments, evidence management, and push-button reporting to make it easy. Manage and monitor controls over nonfinancial data, to build investor-trusted, assurance-ready ESG reporting.

Automate the heavy lifting.

Unlike people, automation doesn’t make mistakes. Automate the manual parts of PBC requests, evidence requests, markup attributes—you name it.

Get all the details.

Identify where your SOX compliance process is, and where delays might be with up-to-the-second dashboards, real-time status updates, status reports, and much more.

Know your data’s origin.

Link control descriptions, narrative, account balances, and more right to their source. When they change in one place, they ripple out, minimizing the risk of error and creating a single source of truth.


Workiva Established as A Leader in the Forrester Wave™

When evaluated among 15 vendors, Workiva received the highest score possible in the criteria of audit management, interoperability (integrations), planned enhancements, and vision.

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