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SOX Compliance Software

SOX, financial reporting, and ESG unite to fight risk.

With data, processes, and teams all in one platform, Workiva makes it easier on everyone involved with SOX. Work together in real time from the same data with role-based permissions to save time, increase accuracy, and proactively manage risk.

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Thousands of organizations are transforming the way they work.

SOX Software that Every Auditor Can Use

Streamline every part of SOX.

Everyone and everything—all in one platform. Automate PBC requests, testing workflows, and certification requests so you can get through SOX faster with less chance of error. Increase productivity with an easy-to-use solution that all collaborators, including control owners and external auditors, can use on their time. Manage and monitor controls over non-financial data to build investor-trusted, assurance-ready ESG reporting.

Centralize data and workflows.

Increase visibility and build trust with stakeholders across your entire SOX process. Manage scoping, testing, issues management, and certifications in the same platform. Bring all collaborators together with unlimited users.

Automate what slows you down.

Drive efficiency by automating SOX compliance tasks like documentation updates, PBC requests, and testing workflows. With a streamlined process, you can free up your team’s time to focus on strategic work.

Create a single source of truth.

Improve accuracy and gain peace of mind when everyone is working from the same data and information. You’ll never have to worry if you are doing duplicate work or have the most up-to-date version.

Trusted GRC software, aligned with trusted names.

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The reviews are in—users love our GRC platform

G2 ranked Workiva a leader in GRC platforms, and users agree. Learn why customers love our connected platform for governance, risk, and compliance.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Workiva

The benefits of uniting financial reporting, ESG, and audit and risk management all in one platform add up. See quantifiable results in this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Better Together

SOX customers also love Workiva for audit and risk management, ESG, and financial reporting.

The latest in SOX compliance.

Drive greater SOX efficiency with the latest resources on automation, ESG assurance, and technology to keep your processes running smoothly.
Flowserve Ditches Manual Processes to Drive Efficiency Across SOX and Internal Audit Globally

Flowserve Drives Efficiency Across SOX and Internal Audit

When other audit software and manual processes weren’t robust enough for Flowserve’s internal audit team, they turned to Workiva. Now Flowserve collaborates globally with 500+ users in one platform, working from a single source of truth to drive efficiency across SOX and audit processes.
On-Demand Video: Lessons Learned Along the Road to ESG Assurance

Lessons Learned Along the Road to ESG Assurance

Internal audit leaders from The Wendy’s Company, Cornerstone Building Brands, and 8x8, Inc. share the challenges they’ve encountered and the lessons they’ve learned while helping their organizations navigate the ESG landscape—watch now.
White paper with KPMG and Workiva: 5 Tips to Stay Ahead of Risk: ESG, Efficiency, and Employee Engagement

5 Tips to Stay Ahead of Risk

Get five tips from KPMG and Workiva on how to build effective program governance and internal controls for ESG, prepare for ESG assurance, increase ICFR program efficiency, and more.
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Hot Topics in Risk and Compliance: ESG and Navigating Economic Headwinds

Join Sue King, Partner at KPMG, and Grant Ostler, Industry Principal at Workiva, for an engaging discussion on hot topics in audit, risk, and compliance. They’ll share actionable advice on how to navigate economic headwinds, prepare for ESG assurance, increase ICFR program efficiency, and improve employee engagement.
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Wendy’s Streamlines SOX Controls and Audits

Learn more about how Wendy’s created greater assurance with franchise audits through automated administrative audit functions and leveraged powerful analytics to tighten controls and streamline audit operations. 
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