SOX Compliance

Optimize your Sarbanes-Oxley process. Reduce risk, increase control, and enable insight across the business with connected compliance.
  • Connected SOX compliance management built for teams like yours

    Workiva provides a flexible, intuitive solution for SOX and internal controls, designed for companies of all sizes. Map controls to the frameworks your team uses, including COSO, COBiT, ISO 27001, NIST, and more.

    Robust data quality and collaboration

    • Connected data and narrative updates instantly as changes are made, ensuring confidence in your critical information
    • Manage evidence requests and track responses and approvals across the enterprise with a real-time dashboard
    • Best-in-class data security validated through SOC 1, SOC 2, and FedRAMP compliance
    workiva sox robust data quality and collaboration

    World-class professional and peer support

    • Get exclusive access to our dedicated, 24/7 customer success team and our expert professional services team comprised of former Big 4 practitioners
    • Connect and share best practices in exclusive networking opportunities, including local user group meetings and a global professionals group
    • Access an unmatched network of partners dedicated to helping your SOX compliance program run more effectively
    workiva support
  • Automate your compliance programs to save time and resources

    Manage the entire process from roll forward through year-end, all in a central, intuitive solution.

    1. Scoping and risk assessment

    Identify and analyze the risks to achieving your yearly compliance objectives.

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    2. Documentation

    Record and assess the effectiveness of your internal controls through narratives, matrices, and process flowcharts.

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    3. Evidence management

    Embed and annotate evidence in workpapers with a complete audit trail.

    4. Testing

    Collaborate on controls, risk assessments, and more across initial, interim, and year-end testing.

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    workiva sox flowchart

    5. Issue tracking

    Monitor issues and capture compliance information, all from one central source.

    6. Reports and dashboards

    Get an overarching view of your SOX program status, and hone in on key areas of focus.

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    7. Certification

    Attest that key risk and control data has been reviewed by applicable stakeholders.

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    Workiva sox dashboard
  • Your entire SOX compliance program, in one central location

    Bring teams together in a single cloud platform to increase visibility and improve value.

    Save time, improve accuracy

    • Automate manual, repetitive compliance processes
    • Utilize a single platform to collect, aggregate, and report all risks
    • Gain time to provide the valuable, detailed insight your business needs
    • Minimize report creation time with intuitive, easy-to-use tools
    • Create personalized and ad hoc reports
    workiva save time improve accuracy

    Discover detailed visibility

    • See a clear audit trail of who changed what and when it was altered
    • Sign off and certify documents in real time
    • Connect to the details behind the data with drill-down capabilities
    • Provide instant visibility into the status of your SOX program at any point in the process
    • Deliver the in-depth data stakeholders need with real-time dashboards
    workiva sox detailed visiblity
  • Hundreds of teams like yours already trust Workiva

    With an industry-leading implementation time, your team can quickly see the bottom-line benefits from connecting risk and control information across the enterprise.

    400+ saved hours and ROI in one year

    • This freight carrier upgraded to the cloud for maximum collaboration and workflow
    • The company received a return on investment in about one year
    • "We've had a very, very good response from our C-level executives on Wdesk."

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    400 hours saved

    350+ hours saved through automated dashboarding

    • One insurer spent countless hours manually reporting on 175 controls
    • Wdesk for SOX compliance allowed for unparalleled collaboration and slashed year-end work hours
    • “It feels like I’ve been in it for years because it’s such an easy product to use. It has streamlined so much for us.”

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    350 hours saved

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  • Wdesk has paid for itself and then some by replacing outsourcing without adding internal headcount.

  • Implementing Wdesk was the best decision for our group. It has totally revolutionized the way we do our jobs and will only get better from here!

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