SEDAR Reporting

Go beyond SEDAR compliance with connected reporting and compliance from Workiva. Prepare your filings and reports in a secure cloud platform.
  • Streamline the SEDAR reporting and filing process

    Save days on your SEDAR filing cycle. Workiva simplifies regulatory reporting for public companies and mutual funds that are required to file documents with SEDAR, the Canadian System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval.

    beyond sedar filing

    20-F and SEDAR filings

    For companies that are dual listed in the United States, Workiva supports both the SEC 20-F filing requirement and the IFRS XBRL® Taxonomy.

    Workiva is the leading provider of financial reporting and SEC XBRL technology and services. Minimize filing costs and leverage integrated XBRL, iXBRLTM, and IFRS tagging within the Wdesk platform. Workiva offers an experienced Professional Services team to support your SEDAR and SEC filing needs.

    XBRL® and iXBRLTM are trademarks of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The XBRLTM/® standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.

  • Automatically gather, aggregate, and manage data

    Collect, organize, and manage SEDAR data from multiple sources in a single, secure platform. Data is available to reuse and roll over whenever and wherever you need it.

    data integrity during the sedar filing process

    Confidence in data accuracy

    Wdesk enables you to connect your data across documents and presentations, ensuring numbers throughout your filings are always up to date. Make changes to financial data and text, and see all linked references update across reports automatically.

    Blacklines and a comprehensive audit trail provide insight into your document history. Accept or reject changes, with insight into who made each edit and when. Deliver financial reports and SEDAR disclosures with complete confidence.

  • Connect people, data, and processes

    Control access with granular permissions and work simultaneously on the same document, without version control questions.

    flexible control over your sedar reporting process

    Optimized reporting

    Eliminate tedious, manual tasks. Automate formatting, rounding, and ticking and tying. Monitor the financial reporting process with built-in dashboards, and stay on track to hit deadlines. Improve the review process, and efficiently share information with key stakeholders in a single environment.

  • Create efficiencies throughout the organization

    Workiva fuels cross-functional collaboration. Increase accuracy and productivity by bringing different lines of business together in a secure, centralized cloud platform.

    connected sedar reporting

    Multiple solutions in a single platform

    Wdesk is a flexible platform that consolidates and automates multiple traditional business processes. In addition to SEDAR reports, Wdesk helps manage a wide range of broader compliance and reporting activities, including:

    Dedicated support

    With professional support, training tools, and online help center, your team can be up and running in days, rather than months. Wdesk is also available in English, Spanish, and French languages to support regional usage.

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  • We were spending a lot of time generating reports, instead of focusing on the results. Now I don’t have to worry about the accuracy. There is more time to analyze data.

  • We are able to have the most complete, accurate, and up to date information in real time. For me, that’s incredibly important. It’s made my job so much easier. I can spend more time reviewing and not so much ticking and tying.

  • Wdesk is the best of two worlds—you save cost and you save time while being even more efficient.

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