SEDAR Reporting

Collaborate with your team, save time, and streamline your SEDAR reporting and filing process. Prepare and file your SEDAR reports with a comprehensive, end-to-end, reporting solution.

  • Streamline your SEDAR filing process.

    Take days off your reporting cycle. By connecting your data via live-linking, your reports are always up-to-date. Never fear late-breaking changes again. Improve your review process, and efficiently share information with key stakeholders in one environment.

    Beyond SEDAR reporting

    Complete confidence

    Have confidence in your reports with version control. Thorough blacklines give you insight into your document history with a complete audit trail. Permissions allow you to control who has access to which documents.
  • Automatically gather, aggregate, and manage data.

    Stop manually gathering and aggregating information. Instead, collect data to have available when and where you need it. Use and reuse data across multiple documents, keeping the it connected with live-linking. Monitor the process with dashboards, to make sure you can hit your deadlines.

    Data collection for SEDAR

    Numbers you can count on

    More than one billion data values have been linked among Wdesk documents. When you make changes to live-linked financial data and text, you'll see it update across all reports. Collect, organize, and manage data from all sources in a single, secure platform. 

  • 20-F filings from start to finish.

    Whether you’re filing with a foreign government or staying compliant at home, keep all your data in one easy-to-access location in the cloud. Be confident that your reports always reflect the most accurate data.

    SEDAR 20-F filings in Wdesk

    Annual reports made easy

    Live-link data across documents, so you only have to enter a number once, no matter how many times it appears. Permissions and an extensive audit trail protect your reports. You always know who made what change and when it happened.

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