Regulatory Reporting

Keep pace with the demands of regulatory compliance management. Create collaborative, sustainable, and repeatable processes for your team with our software.

  • Eliminate large process inefficiencies.

    Regulatory compliance for financial institutions continues to grow in complexity. Keep up with the rigorous demands, and create sustainable and repeatable processes that greatly reduce manual consolidations.

    Regulatory Reporting Controlled Collaboration

    Made for regulatory compliance.

    Optimize your process and your reports. Build a more accurate and complete story for regulators.
  • Control every step of stress testing.

    Take control of the extensive, continuously changing information for regulatory reporting for banks. Meet evolving Dodd-Frank regulatory mandates.

    Regulatory Reporting Recovery and Resolutions Plans

    Controlled collaboration

    Control the chaos. Organize disparate data for CCAR and DFAST reports while enabling collaboration among contributors from across the world.

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  • Create and communicate RRP stories accurately.

    Recovery and resolution planning requires consistency—even small errors can cause regulators to question the plan and cripple the entire process. Use work already being done to create a sustainable and repeatable framework. See more.

    Regulatory Reporting ORSA and Solvency

    Reduce errors.

    Take charge of huge amounts of qualitative and quantitative data involved in resolution and recovery planning—including all supporting documentation.

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  • Demonstrate effective risk management.

    Document and demonstrate process transparency for your ORSA report. Share the important details of your assessment procedures throughout the three pillars of Solvency II.

    Regulatory Reporting Statutory Reporting

    Tell it like it is.

    Automatic audit trails and time stamps lead to quality reports and increase integrity and trust with key stakeholders.

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  • Meet each set of mandatory statutes.

    Deliver your financial and nonfinancial information to government agencies faster and with greater data consistency.

    Streamline audit risk


    With the power of a single source of truth, link footnotes and data across multiple entities, statements, and statutory reports.

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Solution Spotlight


Free up time to focus on improving your banking reporting system.

Enterprise Risk Management

Streamline your entire ERM process with Wdesk.


Save time on reports like MAR, NAIC, statutory reporting, and ORSA.


Transform your investment compliance and mutual fund reporting processes.
  • We used to run our DFAST process entirely in Word® and Excel®. We needed to eliminate the unnecessary manual process we had before, and only Wdesk could do that for us.

  • As a company, we were able to spend more time analyzing scenario results and less time on non-value activities like consolidating information and formatting.

  • Before Wdesk, we were using Word® and Excel® and merging PDFs. It was a mess. When Wdesk came in, it was all in one spot, and all in one document. It’s made my life incredibly better, beyond words.

  • Switching to Wdesk has saved time and stress while significantly increasing our confidence in our end product. We are thrilled with Wdesk.

  • Our CCAR team became much more efficient at collaborating across the entire company with Wdesk.

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