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Business Unit and Product Line Reporting

Multiple business segments probably mean multiple systems of record—and multiple headaches. Not with Workiva, which can help you make sense of multi-unit reporting.
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Control instead of chaos

Instead of the confusion, errors, and inconsistencies of multiple systems, unify data with Workiva.



Take back your time

With instant data updates, create more time for analysis and what really matters. 



Seeing is believing

It’s easy to trust your analysis when you can see where it came from, when and why it changed, and who changed it.



Serenity through simplicity

You need to create a report with data from different systems, some in distant time zones. With Workiva, put all of your data, reports, and analysis in one spot—just one, single, shareable, scalable spot. Connect data from nearly any source, making collaboration easier. Updates happen instantly, so you are assured that the data represents the latest and most accurate picture. 

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Get everyone on the same page 

With multiple systems, the risk of errors or formatting issues is high. Instead, Workiva’s connected data, templates, and easy roll-forward capabilities give you uniformity. Workiva helps you centralize data, commentary, and slide submissions where the formatting is done for you no matter how it’s brought in. Use templates of all kinds to simplify the process and make for clearer reporting. 


Breathing room for better reports

A great report tells the story of a company, showing your stakeholders the true picture of the business. If you are too busy formatting instead of analyzing, it’s time for connected data with a full audit trail and history. When you know where all the data has come from, when it was created, and by whom, you can trust what you have from your business units and product lines.



Find out what else you can do with Workiva.

Truth and trust at scale. We deal with the complexity so your team doesn’t have to.

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