Policy and Procedure Management

Establish a connected, enterprisewide policy and procedure management process where policies are auditable, consistent, accessible, and always up to date.
  • Keep policies up to date with a connected and centralized master index

    A single location for policy management

    • Efficiently access and manage all content for policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines for the entire enterprise in a single integrated environment.
    • Map policies directly to risks, controls, process, and regulations to easily identify and analyze relationships.
    • Create and leverage a consistent templated format or taxonomy for all policies. Automatically update cross-referenced policy information when changes are made.
    Data quality
  • Support ongoing policy management through review cycles

    Collaboration across the organization

    • Streamline the authoring and maintaining of policy and procedure documents in an intuitive platform. Quickly and efficiently make changes when external legal, regulatory, and risk environment changes occur.
    • Work on the most current policy version—in the same document, at the same time—with colleagues. Grant role-based permissions to legal, finance, accounting, human resources, or information security.
    • Automate workflows and tasks to complete audits and assessments related to policy compliance and reviews.
    review permissions
  • Defend your organization against legal and regulatory actions

    Thorough, clear document histories

    • Get a complete picture and peace of mind with auditable policy maintenance, communication, and attestation.
    • See who made what changes and when with an entire document history. Send policies and procedures for review and approval via single or bulk tasks.
    • Host conversations and reviews within documents, rather than via email, through integrated comments and workflow.
  • Easily distribute and track employee attestation of policies and procedures

    Automated certification reminders and progress dashboards

    • Simplify annual policy and procedure certifications for all employees with an intuitive platform. Automate the distribution and reminder workflow to ensure all certifications are completed by desired deadlines.
    • Link directly to current versions of policies. Track process status on a single dashboard, and schedule automatic reminders.
    • Signers and approvers review, attach support, and sign off from any mobile device. Export a record of compliance certifications for audit purposes.
    attestation tracking

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  • Managing accounting policies and procedures in Wdesk allows my team to work on more value-add projects, like restructuring policies to make them more user-friendly, which impacts stakeholders all over the bank—including the customers they serve

  • You don’t have to worry about merging or keeping the document up to date because when you open it, you know it’s current.

  • Using Wdesk for certification is quite easy—you just enter the email address and name of the people you want the certification to go to. There are great dashboards telling you the progress, and there are automated reminders. It's increased the efficiency around our certification process.

  • We’re always looking for ways to improve our process and maximize communication. And we did that with Wdesk.

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