Performance Reporting

Strengthen your corporate performance management.
  • Intro to SCPM
  • CPM Data
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Automatic Audit Trail
  • Strategic corporate performance management.

    Collect and connect financial, operational, sales, and supply data with people in one digital work environment. Gather relevant narratives from your business partners, too. Do all of this and more with Wdesk for Performance Reporting.

    Performance reporting intro to SCPM

    Link data.

    Now, corporate performance management can be done strategically. Wdesk makes it possible to plan within the context of a cross-enterprise view.
  • Optimize CPM.

    Bring financial and nonfinancial data together at one source from multiple contributors and many departments. Cloud technology takes collaboration to the next level—giving you the framework you need to successfully implement strategic corporate performance management.

    Performance reporting CPM data

    Data integrity and accuracy.

    Got changes? No problem. Create and combine text documents, workbooks, presentations, dashboards, and charts in one easy-to-use environment.
  • CPM data in real time.

    Synchronize and store data from ERP, consolidations, financial planning and analysis, and nonfinancial systems in one environment. All users work from a central platform.

    Performance reporting single source of truth

    One environment.

    Be confident your numbers are correct. Inside Wdesk, all users have access to the same sets of data, which can be linked across reports, presentations, and charts.
  • A complete audit trail.

    Combine numerical and narrative information in a controlled environment that maintains a complete audit trail of all users' activities—automatically.

    Performance reporting automatic audit trail

    Bring teams together.

    With Wdesk, reporting teams transform data into financial, management, and performance reports, as well as regulatory disclosures.
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  • I’m very excited about our new Wdesk reporting solution. The control that it affords us over our process from end-to-end has brought significant time savings to our process and has allowed us to use our resources in other capacities.

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