Management Reporting

Gain speed and accuracy in management reporting. Create linked variance reports and presentations from disparate sources, including financial, operational, and transactional data.

  • Connect your data sources.

    Modernize the corporate performance management process. Automate the transfer of large sets of data. Pull budget and financial forecast data from disclosure reporting, ERP, or GL systems to sync into a live-linked workbook. Simplify profitability analysis and corporate performance management processes.

    Sync data

    A single source of truth

    Streamline your CPM processes with live-linked workbooks. Connect plan, budget, operational, and financial reporting data.
  • Trust your data.

    Create a single source of data truth and know that information will be consistent across documents and reports. Ensure all teams are working with the same data through live-linked workbooks and documents managed with advanced permissions.

    Increase data integrity

    Deliver reports with confidence.

    Always create up-to-date reports for management and the executive team with data that is live-linked across all documents.
  • Focus on what matters.

    Increase efficiency of profitability analysis and corporate performance management processes with automatic data collection and aggregation. Reallocate saved time to focus on analysis, rather than data cleaning, making your team more valuable to the organization.

    Spend more time on analysis

    Work on value-added projects.

    Spend time analyzing essential business data rather than requesting, collecting, and checking disparate numbers. Work with business unit leaders on live-linked data to streamline corporate performance management processes, and knock down geographical and departmental barriers.
  • Get improved transparency.

    See real-time data updates in dashboards with live-linked data. With up-to-date data at their fingertips, management and other executive leaders can make better business decisions faster.

    Better business decisions

    Visibility across the enterprise

    Get a complete picture with data from different departments in your company to base your insights on the full view.

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