Investor Relations

Wdesk simplifies the process for creating investor communications, streamlining collaboration and improving confidence in data accuracy.

  • Save Time and Improve Transparency

    Accuracy is critical for investor relations materials. Be confident in your investor data and ensure peace of mind for executives with Wdesk.

    Accuracy and auditability

    Accuracy and auditability

    Wdesk enables data to be connected directly from SEC documents into investor relations materials. Drill down to see additional detail around reported financials, and easily compare changes with a full audit history and blackline functionality.

    Investor relations management and SEC teams can flow in last-minute changes seamlessly without manual updates, eliminating the need for repetitive meetings.

  • Streamline Presentation Creation

    At quarter-end, financials incorporated in earnings release presentations can require updates on an almost daily basis, making last-minute changes difficult to manage. Collaboration and processes are streamlined in Wdesk, leaving additional time for review and polishing the presentation.

    Increased productivity

    Increased productivity

    Contributors can craft slides simultaneously in Wdesk, reducing effort during presentation creation.

    Rather than manually copying and pasting tables, data is synced to tables throughout the presentation. When a change occurs to financials, all associated instances are automatically updated.

    Wdesk enables teams to produce a visually appealing earnings presentation, without additional software.

  • Efficient Report Development

    SEC and investor relations teams are tasked with creating large narrative reports complete with tables and text in parallel with other earnings materials. With Wdesk, teams save significant time and resources each quarter.

    Effective collaboration

    Effective collaboration

    Work concurrently on documents, spreadsheets supporting the CFO commentary, and talking papers. Once changes are saved, they are immediately viewable by all permissioned users.

    Save time each quarter with a dialogue of track changes, comments, and blacklines, decreasing the need for meetings and back and forth emails between CEO, CFO, and the investor relationship management team.

    Distribute reports and presentations digitally and via PDF. Executives can review and comment on earnings materials in a single, secure platform.

  • Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

    Proxy Statement Roll Forward

    Streamline the proxy statement process

    Import previous SEC filings into Wdesk, creating a template that can be rolled forward year over year. Collect data relevant to stockholders—such as number of shares, compensation disclosures, and more—and link it directly to the proxy statement so that numbers automatically update when changes are made.

    Collaborate in real time without creating multiple versions. Use blacklines and a full audit trail to see changes, and streamline workflow with directed commenting and tasking. EDGARize and file Form Type DEF 14A directly with the SEC from the platform. Export a publish-ready PDF or Adobe InDesign® file from the same document, saving time and resources.

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  • Our vice president of investor relations is very impressed with Wdesk. And for the first time in his investor relations career, he isn’t concerned about multiple people fiddling with the document at the same time.

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