Software and services for prospectus and registration statements for mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, and other investment markets.
  • Simplify your reporting process

    One comprehensive platform for investment prospectus, registration statements, mutual fund reporting, shareholder reports, fund books, fund financial statements, and SEC filings.

    Investment prospectus

    The Wdesk platform delivers the speed, flexibility, and usability of common desktop tools with the power and sophistication to address the most complex investment reports, investment compliance documents, and fund disclosures.

    Collaborate with cross-functional teams, fund families, and legal entities in the same document. Provide comments, assign tasks, and streamline workflow. Maintain a single source content library to share disclosure language across multiple funds and prospectuses.

    See supported form types and industry-specific solutions

    Investment financial reporting

    Wdesk allows your team to replace manual processes and eliminate the security risk of using desktop spreadsheets for managing reports for mutual funds and insurance, as well as private equity and alternative investments.

    Leverage a single source of data for the development of annual and semiannual shareholder reports, fund books, fund financial statements, and other required investment reports and filings, significantly reducing the time required to develop the final outputs.

  • Save time and maintain control

    Wdesk reduces time needed to draft investment documents and enables an efficient review process.

    Real-time updates

    Control where it counts

    Wdesk enables you to automate repetitive tasks, link numbers and text across documents, support faster turnaround, and increase data accuracy. Maintain a single-source content library to share disclosure language across multiple funds and prospectuses. Wdesk provides time-saving features, including:

    • Enforce consistency across documents with brand and style guides
    • Track and compare all changes with version control, audit trail, and blackline features
    • Assign permissions by user and role to documents or document sections
    • Automate the summary prospectus and SEC disclosure process
    • A full-service reporting solution

      Complete your filings early and accurately. The Workiva Professional Services team has the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality XBRL and iXBRL tagging for your prospectus.

      XBRL tagging

      Workiva is the XBRL and iXBRL market leader

      Workiva provides software and professional services to over 2,700 SEC XBRL filers. Our investment market services team is available to assist throughout your document creation and filing process. Our team provides:

      • Full-service onboarding of all documents
      • Best practices on editing and managing content
      • Guidance on filing procedures
      • XBRL and iXBRL tagging and guidance
    • Go beyond filing

      The Wdesk platform enables the efficient management of post-filing requirements, including distribution and print.

      Collaboration, linking, and version control

      Improve production efficiency

      • Complete post-filing and print production requirements in Wdesk
      • Create your publish-ready PDF for web, print, and other investment compliance needs
      • Download your filings and roll forward to prepare for the next cycle

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