Wdesk investment compliance and investment risk management software simplifies mutual fund reporting, shareholder reporting, prospectus reporting, and more.
  • Manage Complex Documents
  • Collaborate in Wdesk
  • Data Optimization
  • Consistency and Accuracy
  • Step up to the challenge.

    Creating shareholder reports, prospectuses, and SEC filings for investment compliance is a complex process.

    Integrated documents in Wdesk

    Integrated documents in Wdesk.

    Wdesk keeps your documents in sync by combining data, workbooks, presentations, and dashboards in one easy-to-use environment.

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    Manage internal and external contributors.

    Make coordinating updates from many contributors easier.

    Real-time updates

    Real-time updates.

    Contributors can work simultaneously in Wdesk, no matter where they are. Commenting threads and tasking keep everyone informed.
  • Manage data collection.

    Data comes in a number of forms and from a range of sources including: databases, accounting systems, and expert summaries. Harmonize the many different pieces in one shared location.

    Attach documentation

    Attach documentation.

    Supporting documentation of different file types can be easily incorporated.
  • Modern investment software.

    Gain control and streamline your process. Eliminate cycling, and increase time for value-add activities. Have confidence in the accuracy of your data.

    Collaboration, linking, and version control

    Single source of truth.

    Linking in Wdesk allows you to connect information across documents. When the source is updated, any related information is automatically updated, keeping your documents in sync.
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Solution Spotlight

SEC Reporting

Wdesk enables you to streamline XBRL and EDGAR filing.

SOX Compliance

Create a repository for all risk and control information and documentation.
What others are saying about us.
  • Wdesk gives us more time to take a step back and do some analysis. I can take a day to do a real, in-depth review of the document before we turn it over to the CFO, CEO, and auditors.
  • You won't regret going with Wdesk. My experience has been completely positive. I haven't worked with anyone, any other vendor, or service that has shown such commitment to my success.

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New frontiers of investment compliance

Review expected changes to investment compliance rules.

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The Treasury Department is exerting new influence on investment companies.