Internal Audit Management

Enhance collaboration in your organization, and modernize your audit methodology.

  • Streamline risk assessments for timely insight

    Analyze risks across all pillars. Increase transparency, aggregate risk assessment data, and improve collaboration between the three lines of defense.

    Streamline audit risk

    Eliminate redundant work. Focus on the right internal audits.

    • Easily distribute surveys and automate data aggregation from a single platform
    • Identify, analyze, and monitor risks consistently with total confidence
    • Streamline collaboration between teams across the organization
    • Mitigate enterprise and operational risks through accelerated feedback processes
  • Take a modernized approach to internal audit management

    Wdesk simplifies the scoping and planning process. Link relevant risk and control data to various audit program guides for up-to-the-minute decision-making.

    Integrate scoping and planning

    Effectively integrate risk and control information

    • Leverage risk assessment results to drive what's in scope for your audit plan
    • Reference vital dashboards and reports from previous years to guide audit planning
    • Efficiently allocate resources and budgets to support audit team efforts

    Comprehensive support for your entire audit plan

    Leverage Wdesk capabilities beyond SOX or internal control audits, including:

    • Operational audits
    • Financial audits
    • Compliance audits
    • IT audits
    • Investigative/forensic audits
    • Fraud audits
    Performance reporting deliver confidence
  • Simplify evidence collection, fieldwork, and testing

    Increase efficiency by managing workpapers, audit fieldwork, and testing on a single secure cloud platform.

    Modernize internal audit fieldwork

    Modernize internal audit documentation

    • Effectively and efficiently create workpapers and workflows
    • Integrate evidence collection within workpapers during control testing
    • Provide coaching and review notes in a collaborative environment throughout the audit trail
    • Mark up workpapers with drag-and-drop annotations, electronic tick marks, and footnotes
  • Facilitate the internal audit management process with ease

    End-to-end process collaboration. Leverage dashboards and reports to review the status and audit trail of time-sensitive issues.

    Simplify internal audit reporting

    Keep all participants involved with the latest in your audit process

    • Track, report, and remediate issues throughout the internal audit process
    • Communicate issues from end user to stakeholder with easy-to-use reports
    • Aggregate findings for the audit committee, or provide details for management
    • Route issues to individual stakeholders to target individual responsibilities
    • From auditee to business owner, ensure timely completion of audit issues
  • Generate and finalize audit reports in real time

    Ensure consistent and balanced messaging in your final audit reports. Have confidence in the accuracy of your data.

    Simplify internal audit reporting

    Easily tailor internal audit reports to your audience

    • Create your final internal audit reports as test work is completed
    • Link issues, observations, and findings to the final audit report
    • Ensure consistent messaging across various levels of stakeholders
    • Demonstrate your team’s audit management performance and value to the organization
    • Aggregate audit observations for your audit committee, or drill down into the details for senior management

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  • I knew outside consultants and external audit would be able to use Wdesk with minimal upfront training—just a quick 30-minute review of the functionality would be sufficient.

  • By using Wdesk, we cut two weeks from our previous process, which was reliant on back-and-forth emails to collect and track input.

  • Making updates to documentation in Wdesk is so easy for our external consultants that we have saved time and money by decreasing the consulting hours spent on SOX.

  • Wdesk helps us manage our time on individual audits. We are picking up minutes everywhere, and those minutes turn into hours that we can devote to other projects.

  • state bank trust

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