Integrated Financial Planning

Plan, budget, and forecast objectively, quickly, and accurately to strengthen financial corporate performance management. Manage plans and budgets collaboratively with Wdesk.

  • Always report the correct numbers.

    With live-linked data across all plans and budgets, you can have complete confidence in your numbers. Deliver reports to management and the executive team with confidence the data is always up-to-date.

    Single source of truth in Wdesk

    Consistent data across all reports

    Create a single source of data truth for all contributors. Make a change once, and see that update flow across all documents, workbooks, and reported with live-linked data.
  • Leverage connected reports.

    Create and manage operational budgets and organizational planning models that are linked and connected to market and operational drivers of the organization. Spend more time on strategy and less on reconciling and managing data in legacy budget and planning software.

    Drive process efficiency

    Work on value-add activities.

    With Wdesk, you regain time formerly spent on manual activities. Refocus that saved time to projects that will help move the business forward by working toward organizational drivers and priorities.
  • Get the full picture.

    View a more complete picture with real-time data updates from all contributors across the enterprise. Increase transparency into plans, budgets, and forecasts with information that is always up-to-date.

    Increase cross-enterprise visibility

    Better, faster business decisions

    Management and the executive team can make better decisions faster with the latest plans, budgets, and forecasts at their fingertips.

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  • Wdesk has helped us improve the quality of our work by simplifying our layouts, processes, data linking, and especially, our collaboration. The application allows us to continuously improve how we operate and focus on our team's mandate.

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