Simplify complex insurance reporting and compliance in the cloud, from statutory and financial reporting, internal controls, and regulatory compliance

  • Produce and maintain complex documents with connected data and reports

    Workiva provides a connected reporting platform that enables teams to collaborate in real time, leverage insurance data in many forms, and streamline the insurance reporting process.

    Connected documents and data

    Insurance companies face sophisticated reporting requirements and numerous regulatory disclosures at the state and national level. Workiva combines insurance documents, workbooks, and presentations with convenient dashboards in one easy-to-use cloud solution.

    Easily automate the transfer of data, inside and outside your multiple systems of record, to manage complex reporting requirements, such as actuarial memorandum, IFRS 17, and capital and solvency reporting. Compliance, actuarial, and risk teams can reference the most up-to-date numbers from a secure, central location, pull from the same data set for multiple reports, and link data and text across numerous documents and reports.

    Workiva documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

    Streamlined insurance reporting processes

    Gain time by eliminating error-prone manual tasks and creating a consistent, repeatable process in the Workiva environment. Linking data or text allows you to connect information across documents. When the source information is updated, any related content automatically updates, keeping your documents in sync.

    Multiple individuals and teams can work simultaneously on the same documents from different locations. Commenting threads, tasking, and automatic audit trails keep everyone informed in a single platform.

    Income Statement
  • Automate your internal controls process in a central cloud platform

    Give your team a flexible, intuitive solution for Model Audit Rule (MAR), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and broader internal controls requirements.

    Connected MAR compliance

    Workiva provides a flexible, intuitive solution for MAR and internal controls, designed for insurance firms of all sizes. Manage the entire internal controls process from roll forward through year-end in a central, intuitive solution. Connect data and narratives to update them instantly as changes are made, ensuring confidence in your critical information. Drive efficiency, manage evidence requests, and track responses and approvals across the enterprise.

    Actuarial memorandum

    Save time, improve accuracy

    Workiva delivers a complete solution to optimize your Model Audit Rule (MAR) process. With a single platform, collect, aggregate, and report on your controls, and automate manual, repetitive compliance tasks. The comprehensive platform provides support for risk assessment, documentation, evidence management, testing, issue tracking, reports and dashboards, and certification.

  • Streamline insurance statutory and regulatory reporting

    Eliminate the challenges of connecting source data for multiple regulatory and statutory reports. Collaborate across teams, manage version history, and drive data integrity and control in your reporting process.

    Statutory and regulatory reporting

    The Workiva reporting solution simplifies reporting demands by capturing, consolidating, and reporting the data needed for quantitative, narrative, and composite reporting templates. Increase efficiency and reduce risk for your reports by collaborating and linking data across multiple reports, documents, and presentations. Create a connected and integrated processes to ensure report quality, time after time. The solution supports a range of regulatory disclosure formats including XLS, XBRL®, and TXT.

    XBRL® is a trademark of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The XBRL® standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.

    Actuarial memorandum

    Actuarial memorandum

    Use a single strategic platform for the all the data and quantitative reporting aspects of Solvency II and other global insurance regulatory regimes governing risk and capital management.

    Connected data
  • Gain greater visibility into risk levels and controls

    Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks. Report collaboration, data linking, version control, and automatic audit trails ensure accuracy and a consistent, repeatable process.

    Enterprise risk management

    Simplify tracking and manage assessment feedback in real time, enabling a stronger ERM program. Optimize the capture of your most critical ERM risk data, leaving more time for risk analysis and action.

    Solvency II

    ORSA, RSR, and SFCR

    Use a single strategic platform for all the data and quantitative reporting aspects of Solvency II and other global insurance regulatory regimes governing risk and capital management.

    Demonstrate process transparency and integrity to key stakeholders with a reporting environment that streamlines document authoring, collaboration, and data management.

    Avoid duplication of effort by linking narratives and data, allowing updates to automatically flow through to multiple reports with a single edit.

    Leverage a connected cloud environment to more efficiently engage multiple contributors across departments, simplify documentation, and clearly present complex topics with easily understood narration and illustration.

    Solvency II and Financial Content

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Manage your entire ERM process from one central location.
  • Workiva has helped us improve our financial reporting processes by giving us the ability to integrate and consolidate data from multiple sources, embed comments on disclosures with dozens of contributors, and ensure consistency across many different documents that require similar disclosures.

  • If you're able to spend less time mining data and more time analyzing, there's added value in the work you're doing. With Workiva, our teams can focus on working trend analysis, error rate change, issue identification rates, data quality issue tracking, and identifying root causes in various departments.

  • We are able to spend more time reviewing and analyzing, and less time accumulating data and getting it into the document.

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