Our insurance software helps you work smart—from statutory reporting footnotes and product filings to Dodd-Frank compliance and Model Audit Rule compliance.
  • Produce and maintain complicated documents.

    Insurance companies face complex reporting requirements, including the document-centric regulations related to MAR, ORSA, Solvency II, NAIC reporting, and other regulatory disclosures. Organize these intricate reports in one environment, which is accessible by multiple contributors.

    Connect documents and data

    Connect documents and data.

    Wdesk for insurance combines documents, workbooks, and presentations with convenient dashboards in one easy-to-use cloud solution. 
  • Real-time collaboration

    Both internal and external groups play a role in assembling insurance reporting documentation. True collaboration is often impossible to achieve, causing errors and adding to time spent on non-value added activities.

    Collaborate in Wdesk

    Collaborate in Wdesk.

    Multiple individuals and teams can work simultaneously in Wdesk from different locations. Commenting threads and tasking keep everyone informed in a single platform.
  • Insurance data comes in many forms.

    Data can be both structured and unstructured, changing or static, and come from multiple systems. Different data formats present a challenge to teams in charge of compiling and aggregating data.

    Single source of truth

    A single source of truth

    Wdesk is a repository for all your company's data and a central location everyone can reference for the most up-to-date numbers.
  • Streamline your insurance reporting processes.

    Gain time by eliminating error-prone manual tasks. Report collaboration, data linking, version control, and automatic audit trails ensure accuracy and a consistent, repeatable process.

    The power of linking

    The power of linking

    Linking in Wdesk allows you to connect information across documents. When the source is updated, any related information is automatically updated, keeping your documents in sync.

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  • If you're able to spend less time mining data and more time analyzing, there's added value in the work you're doing. With Wdesk, our teams can focus on working trend analysis, error rate change, issue identification rates, data quality issue tracking, and identifying root causes in various departments.

  • We are able to spend more time reviewing and analyzing, and less time accumulating data and getting it into the document.

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